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Piano Books by Nicholas Hiltner
Piano Books
by Nicholas Hiltner
2010, oil on linen (15 x 36)

Howard Johnson's Snowy Nocturne II by Janet Cook
Howard Johnson’s
Snowy Nocturne II

by Janet Cook
2007, pastel, watercolor, and tempera on paper (20 x 27)

The Homestead by David A Lussier
The Homestead
by David A Lussier
2009, oil (24 x 30)

Bowl of Oats by Morgan Weistling
Bowl of Oats
by Morgan Weistling
2010, oil (18 x 24)

Bacchus (detail) by Patricia Watwood
Bacchus (detail)
by Patricia Watwood
2005, oil and gold leaf on canvas
(38 x 36)

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Workshop magazine has had a great run! But times change and the Fall 2010 issue will be our last. However, we’re excited to announce that Workshop subscribers will receive American Artist magazine for the remainder of their subscription.

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As a fan of Workshop, oil and acrylic painters alike will find a lot to love in American Artist. It’s all about the creation and marketing of fine art, with more than 70 years of dedication to providing informative demonstrations, insightful intruction, and a vast collection of amazing art to fine artists just like you. It’s page after page of creativity and innovative techniques that are relevant today and will be for years to come.

  • Study and learn from the styles of past artists such as Rembrandt (1606-1669), Claude Monet (1840-1926), and Georgia O’Keefe (1887-1986), or discover new techniques from today’s master artists, including Richard Schmid, Sherrie McGraw, and Frank Serrano.
  • Create life like portraits, amazing landscapes, and beautiful still life paintings whether you paint from photographs, memory, or outdoors.
  • Learn to mix various media such as pastels with watermedia, how to use silverleaf, gold leaf, or even fabric with your art, or how to create your art on a variety of surfaces for a unique look.
  • Have your technical questions answered and learn various aspects about the business side of fine art.