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"Some people paint to make a living.  I paint to make a life".  Bob is part of a "painting family" that includes 19th century American artist John Raser.  Bob's brother, Wm Raser, is a past president of the Italian Watercolor Society and now a sought after photographer on Amelia Island, FL.   A plein-air kind of "people person", as well as impatient "to just put my acrylic paint to canvas", Bob is only now finding the time away from his award winning career in the network/cable/corporate and web video production business [ ] as a producer and DGA director to spend the time that's really needed to get better at the art and work of painting. For several years it's been plein-air vacation trips to Port Clyde, Maine [see photo] in the late summer, added to his regular southern CA location canvases that have filled the walls of Bob's near Malibu home - as well as client NE B&B's, family homes and private collectors.  Google Bob Raser - ART  [or Bob's blog at "Plein Air Bob" ] for an initial 4 minute to music sampler of Bob's styles and wide subject variety.  Bob's next assignment is more portrait painting, and more classes and serious instruction.  "I'm a really big fan of American Artist's video section for on-location lessons and for that push I need sometimes to get out the door to go paint!".   Those  AA special editions "that feature lessons from real artists" are another favorite.  Bob says, "Painting is a great visual diary of the places I've been and the experiences I've had that gives me so much more than the photos I take.  The personal task for me now it to get as good at it as I can in portrait and landscape so I can have even more fun."