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My name is Leanne Morrison however I was born Leanne Margaret Utumapu in Wellington, New Zealand to Margaret and Pone; I have a mixture of Scottish and Samoan heritage. In my early twenties I traveled to the UK and met my future Husband Niall Morrison who was born and brought up in Ireland.

Returning to New Zealand and continuing a career in the business world I recently decided that I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing something I am passionate about, hence my current position as a student commencing a bachelor degree of Visual Arts and Design with Ideas School, Eastern Institute of Technology, Napier, New Zealand.

I work with acrylic and gouache paint on canvas and board, my key theme is abstract expressionism and I am concerned with the area that lies between the beginning and the end. Most everything and everyone has a beginning and an end but it’s what happens in between that is important. I try to convey feelings, memories, emotions through colour and line; my paintings are full of stripes, lines, squiggles and colour.

As a second year student I have displayed work in our gallery (Vent) at Ideas School and consider myself an emerging artist, I live with my husband in Hastings, New Zealand.