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Hello everyone,

I am Cristina Mihailescu and I am so glad to meet so many nice and talented people at Artist Daily .

It seems that 2013 has brought me inspiration and  after a long break, maybe more than 25 years, I was planning to go back to my old love, painting and drawing. I've finally  found the courage to ''play''again with brushes, colors, pencils... I am trying to improve my skills every day, there are so many things to learn, but I  love a lot this wonderful  journey, my painting journey..

I've graduated a College of Dental technology and I would love to study Art someday ..but till then I will continue to paint for my family, my friends and wonderful people who love and buy my art .

 One of my favorite quotes '' I dream my paint and I paint my dream''-Vincent Van Gogh

I would really appreciate your comments,suggestions and critiques!

Happy painting to you all!

Your artist friend,

Cristina Mihailescu



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  • 22 Nov 2014
  • Artist of the month-August 2014

    I am so honored and thankful that I've been chosen Artist of the Month(August 2014)by Artist daily.

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful support!