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I'm the author of "665 The Council of Twelve" and future author of many best-selling books. I don't come from a family of painters, artists, musicians or writers. My parents were simple country people, as was I. My journey with art began after the publication of my novel and the realization, I have NO marketing skills whatsoever! Art, for me, was conceived as "the only" means by which a visual presence will announce my works of fiction to the world.
Five years ago, at the overripe age of 43, I went to an art store for the first time in my life and with the help of a beautiful young man, selected graphite pencils as my chosen vessel for world conquest.  "You're going to be a great artist one day, and a well-known author. Here, try these. They're a special kind of graphite which is water-based."  The young man whose name I never knew handed me a selection of art supplies--many more than I would have bought on my own. He was very touchy and at one point drew his finger across my hand. I felt something I confused for lust. "I'll be watching for your work", he said and walked away. In wasn't until my mother died two years later, and made the same gesture across the back of my hand, with her thumb, that I felt that tranfer of power...again.
All along these five or six years thus far, "people", or so these seem, come into my life at a critical point and say, do or gesture to something which, had it not happened, my art would have died. Sometimes a cleaning lady, sometimes a gallery worker, sometimes--A word from a Babylonian Astrologer, a military General or a mouthless, wordless voice. Last time, it was some librarian-esque women in Barnes&Noble. She handed me a copy of Julia Cammeron's "The Artist's Way" and said, "You dropped this". I hadn't. But again...that touch.  The Artist's Way changed my art and my life--And she was right...I had dropped something.
So here I am, looking for you, my next muse, next teacher, next experience on a journey I believe was created before the foundation of the world was set.

I paint the road upon which I walk and speak the words from angel's talk. I make this journey in humility, for I know, it's as much about you, as it is about me. Walk with me.