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  • Black Pearl

    Caran D'ache watercolor crayon.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Neil G. on 17 Feb 2011
    Filed under: realism, woman, nude female reclining, female figure, african american, reclining, Traditionalnal, realisistic, Female nude, nude art
  • Aky's Lion

    I hope you like this one. It is not photorealistic because I don't have a photo to work from. This is a scene that I made up. I wanted to draw this because I haven't drawn this pose before and also to try out a perspective theory I came up with. Everything in this scene is drawn to scale as it...
    Posted to Member Gallery by Bambootiger on 14 Jun 2009
    Filed under: animal portrait, wildlife, drawing, animal, woman, girl, landscapes, female figure, figure, outdoor, study, wildlife art, pencill, figure drawing, perspective
  • Ann From Behind

    Posted to Member Gallery by Duce on 18 Feb 2009
    Filed under: graphite, life study, woman seated, nude, woman, live model, female figure, 18x24, women
  • alex

    Alex Portrait of a smile acrylic on canvas,, 14" x 18" This is a portrait. When I met Alex it was her smile that I wanted to paint. She is a great Irish Dancer and constantly moving, very expressive, a talker and a smiler. Tomas O'Maoldomhnaigh www.TomasArtist.com
    Posted to Member Gallery by tomasartist on 11 Dec 2008
    Filed under: acrylic, portrait, figurative, painting, realism, woman, head, woman's face, female, female figure, figure, contemporary, Ennis, Co Clare, ireland, Tomas O'Maoldomhnaigh
  • Alma

    Alma Graphite and conte on paper 30 x 40 cm I regularly do details drawings before committing to paint works. I liked the classical feel of the portrait and in many ways the drawing was better than the finished painting. Collection of P Donnellan, Limerick www.TomasArtist.com
    Posted to Member Gallery by tomasartist on 10 Dec 2008
    Filed under: pencil, portrait, charcoal, figurative, realism, paper, sketches, pastel galleries, woman, head, girl, pastel, pen, woman's face, live model, chalk, female, romance, pastel pencils, ink, female figure, figure, Co Clare, ireland, Tomas O'Maoldomhnaigh
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