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  • Fall Retreat

    20" x 40" watercolor -->
    Posted to Member Gallery by icitrin on 5 Nov 2009
    Filed under: watercolor, winter, horse, wildlife, oil, realism, spring, paper, mixed media, sunset, nude, woman, trees, pastel, sunflowers, roses, male, man, red, sculpture, women, music, war, life, Realistic, impressionistic, warrior, tropical, southwest, hat, seashells, Native, indian, pond, village, Mayan, modern, symphony, orchestra, surreal, willow, ladies, merican, south of the border, peacocks, imagination, horn, peaks, shaman, mojave mountains, Negro, tsunami, vietnam, world, Hawaii, ocerinas, spirit, totem, tragedy, tomahawk, inspired, sea life, painter painting, tigers, ir ises, realist, world trade center, new age, iraq, works, south west, steel, wil d, torso, trade, shapeshoes, lizards, wtc, opera, still life, rainforest, po rtrait, craft, visionary, Masai, new york, sculptor, waterfalls, imaginative, vision, healer, lucite, pinata, wine bottles, tabletop, wall, ponies, Turner, penthouse, spangled, metaphysics, Repulse Bay, Ione, metal, west, Malibu, tribal, interiors, Wisteria
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