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  • Wild Dog

    African Wild Dog fluid acrylic on paper
    Posted to Member Gallery by suzgriffon on 5 Dec 2012
    Filed under: wildlife, paper, animal art, fluid acrylic, african wild dog
  • blackbirds and cabbages

    acrylic on acrylic paper.two male blackbirds in cabbage patch ,and one caterpillar
    Posted to Member Gallery by plantsman on 19 Mar 2010
    Filed under: wildlife, nature, paper, birds, acrylics, cabbages, blackbirds
  • Fall Retreat

    20" x 40" watercolor -->
    Posted to Member Gallery by icitrin on 5 Nov 2009
    Filed under: watercolor, winter, horse, wildlife, oil, realism, spring, paper, mixed media, sunset, nude, woman, trees, pastel, sunflowers, roses, male, man, red, sculpture, women, music, war, life, Realistic, impressionistic, warrior, tropical, southwest, hat, seashells, Native, indian, pond, village, Mayan, modern, symphony, orchestra, surreal, willow, ladies, merican, south of the border, peacocks, imagination, horn, peaks, shaman, mojave mountains, Negro, tsunami, vietnam, world, Hawaii, ocerinas, spirit, totem, tragedy, tomahawk, inspired, sea life, painter painting, tigers, ir ises, realist, world trade center, new age, iraq, works, south west, steel, wil d, torso, trade, shapeshoes, lizards, wtc, opera, still life, rainforest, po rtrait, craft, visionary, Masai, new york, sculptor, waterfalls, imaginative, vision, healer, lucite, pinata, wine bottles, tabletop, wall, ponies, Turner, penthouse, spangled, metaphysics, Repulse Bay, Ione, metal, west, Malibu, tribal, interiors, Wisteria
  • Casey's Lion

    This is a picture that I posted on the drawing forum with an explanation of how I figured the scale of the lion so that he is standing just behind the woman. The woman was drawn from a topless photogragh. I raised the nipples up half an inch and made up her clothes myself. I couldn't do the pose...
    Posted to Member Gallery by Bambootiger on 5 Jun 2009
    Filed under: animal portrait, wildlife, pencil, drawing, graphite, animal, paper, woman, fantasy, pen, woman's face, female, female figure, figure, fur, pencil portraits, face, representational, Realistic, female standing