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  • Re: Acrylics over watercolor?

    I have been considering this same problem. The key to remember is that with watercolors you leave the white of the paper as your white and gradually build up your darks. Whereas, with acrylics (and oils) you put your darks down first and add lighter and lighter colors finishing it off with white as your...
    Posted to Watermedia by judithburns on 10 Jun 2015
  • Please Critique My Graphite Drawings!

    Hi! I'm 18 years old and I've never taken an art class but I've been drawing all my life. I'm majoring in art in college now to learn technique, but I'd like you to critique my current work. The good and the bad, I really want to get to the next level. Find me on Instagram @kray_tay...
    Posted to Critique My Artwork by kray_tay on 22 Jan 2015
  • Circus Exhibition

    Posted to Watermedia by Hazin Art Gallery on 22 Jan 2015
  • Please, rate my picture

    Posted to Critique My Artwork by Hazin Art Gallery on 19 Jan 2015
  • Hazin Art Gallery

    Posted to Beginners by Hazin Art Gallery on 18 Jan 2015
  • "NF1"

    "NF1" 12" x 9" watercolor, 3-25-2014 Watercolor experiment.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Charlie Gunn on 8 Apr 2014
    Filed under: watercolor, portrait, nude, woman, women, Portraits, Charlie Gunn, American Artist.
  • chicken for sale

    Chickens for sale. Scene of rural life in the north east of Brazil. Uncles of my daughter who plucked the chickens.
    Posted to Member Gallery by francopretti on 26 Dec 2013
    Filed under: watercolor, Franco Pretti
  • "37 La Salle"

    "37 La Salle", 9" x 12" watercolor, 7-09-2013
    Posted to Member Gallery by Charlie Gunn on 9 Jul 2013
    Filed under: watercolor, still life, Charlie Gunn, American Artist.
  • City Centre, Stavanger, Norway

    16" x 12" water color and ink 6-10-2011
    Posted to Member Gallery by Charlie Gunn on 17 Aug 2012
    Filed under: watercolor, landscape, landscapes, town, building, American Artist, buildings, towns, Charlie Gunn
  • Watercolor Painting

    The Red Rigi by JMW Turner, watercolor painting, 1842, 30.5 x 45.8 cm. Watercolor painting is the process of painting with pigments that are mixed with water. Of all the painting processes, watercolor painting is known for its inherent delicacy and subtlety because watercolor art is all about thin washes...
    Posted to Topics by JSimonds on 16 Mar 2012
    Filed under: watercolor, step by step watercolor, watercolor lessons, how to paint watercolor, watercolor painting, watercolor artists
  • Gouache

    Sacred Stones by Carla O'Connor 2006, gouache, 30 x 22 . Gouche meaning Gouache is an opaque water-based medium that drives to a matte finish and can be rewetted. Painting with gouache Gouache pairs well with watercolor, since they’re both water-based and use gum Arabic as a binder. It it good...
    Posted to Glossary by admin on 23 Sep 2009
    Filed under: paint, art supplies, watercolor painting, watercolor
  • Castle on the Rhein

    watercolor, 22x28
    Posted to Member Gallery by Elizabeth Kennen on 26 May 2009
    Filed under: watercolor
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