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  • "Red Sky"

    2015 acrylic on canvas board 11 x 14 From my imagination and memory of a sunset I saw 3 days ago.
    Posted to Member Gallery by kristinsande on 7 Jan 2015
    Filed under: landscape, acrylic, sunset, Sande
  • " Leaning With Time "

    "Leaning With Time"... we all start to lean a bit as we age into the sunset. I did this on a 11 x 15 piece of 300 lb Arches WC color paper rough. I just wanted to see what my soft Mungyo pastels would do on it. I'm just learning pastels.
    Posted to Member Gallery by wetpaperfan on 9 Feb 2013
    Filed under: pastels, sunset, broken house
  • "Mesa Sunset"

    Acrylic on 14" x 18" art board
    Posted to Member Gallery by Jwolfen on 30 Aug 2012
    Filed under: landscape, acrylic, sunset, desert

    "No Regrets" 48" X 60" Mixed Media on Canvas May 28, 2012 by Cindy M. McClure My life often times appears to be messy and complicated very much like this painting. However when you begin to understand the way I think, and look a little closer, you'll see more clearly that everything...
    Posted to Member Gallery by Cindy M. McClure on 30 May 2012
    Filed under: portrait, sunset, children, life, Butterfly, death, daisy, Castle, acrylics, peacock, Temple, Cindy McClure, roses in crystal, Oil ON CANVAS 48 x 60, Vatican
  • "Paradise Cove and the Lightning"

    Even before my family and I were blessed by moving to Lake Tahoe, I had already begun painting its beautiful natural wonders. I studied this scene about March of that year with the snow just starting to recede on the tall mountains. The rocks on the beach are actually the only rocks on this sandy shoreline...
    Posted to Member Gallery by Del Malonee on 22 May 2012
    Filed under: seascape, sunset, ocean, rocks, sea, Cliffs, clipper ship, Dramatic Sky
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