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  • A Few Favorite Resources from My Bookshelves

    Sarah Simblet (her pen drawing, Isis 38 , above) taught me a lot about how intertwined the semblance of motion and mark-making are in really good drawings. Maybe it is part of having an arts career or maybe it is just me, but I love books and magazines and videos about art and artists about as much as...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 30 Nov 2014
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  • Dark to Light & Transparent Color

    Joyce Faulknor and Guy Magallanes have their own proven approaches and watercolor painting techniques , and they bring these to students nationally through their team teaching workshops. Joyce paints dark to light, Guy paints in glazes of transparent color, and both love to share their painting techniques...
    Posted to The Artist's Life by Jenniferlnl on 28 Nov 2014
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  • That Painting Just Said ‘Eat Me!’

    This being the day after Thanksgiving, we celebrate leftovers in my house—and pretty much all other activities that result in eating. So I thought, why mess with family tradition? I'm devoting today's column to one subject matter I rarely cover in my work: food! But it isn't just any...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 27 Nov 2014
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  • 3 Tricks So People Remember My Painting

    Notice how the composition of this sparse still life is deft--from the angle of the bottle to the serpentine curve of the ivy sprig. (Dried Ivy by Kristin Kunc, 8 x 12, oil on linen, 2008). I'm not a knick-knack girl, but I do really have a connection to the objects around me. I project feelings...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 2 Nov 2014
    Filed under: painting flowers, How To Paint, still life, Art
  • Drawing Basics: How I Start My Pencil Drawings

    Drawing block-in by Steve Early. From the time I started drawing, I have had a constant battle with myself over how to start. For years I have been looking for the one right way to sketch in a composition or block-in an underpainting. Lately, and with the help of my Studio Incamminati instructors, I...
    Posted to The Drawing Blog by judith St. Ledger - Roty on 22 Oct 2014
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  • Night for You

    Hi everyone, I would post a picture of my work and see what you all think. Night for you a romantic scene... Oil on Canvas 16 x 20 Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Mike see my work at http://www.chapleart.com
    Posted to Still Life by Mike2010 on 2 Dec 2012
  • Re: New to painting, critique/advice appreciated

    I have a few comments. 1) There are no rules. There are ways of gaining skills, but no rules. 2) What do you want your drawing/painting to look like? Do you have (a) favorite artist(s) whose works you particularly admire? Find someone to emulate because it gives you a first standard toward which you...
    Posted to Beginners by AlethaK on 28 Nov 2012
  • Re: Challenge #25 - November 2012

    Because you invited experienced artists as well as beginners I decided to participate. I drew a version of the basket photo which I post below. It reminds me of a copy in pen that I made recently of one of Van Gogh's early still lifes (which I copied from a book). As with that copy (which follows...
    Posted to All Media Photo Challenge by AlethaK on 28 Nov 2012
  • Everything is Practice for Everything Else

    I have painted many still lifes over time, and I like to approach the genre differently at different times. Because it's not always possible for me to paint at the same time each day (for uniform light), I sometimes "practice" the subject by using other media that are quicker, less complicated...
    Posted to Still Life by AlethaK on 23 Nov 2012
  • new still life objects

    Every so often I revisit the thrift stores in search of new still life objects, and rarely do I leave empty handed. My most recent trips were no exception. And now in turning to still life again, I have a bunch of brand new-to-me things to look at and study. I first use them to make drawings. I want...
    Posted to Still Life by AlethaK on 20 Nov 2012
  • "China and Onion"

    12" 12" oil on canvas. www.AbigailGutting.com
    Posted to Member Gallery by Abigail Gutting on 11 Jun 2010
    Filed under: still life, oil, oil on canvas, 12 x 12, Abigail Gutting, square paintings
  • "Childhood"

    When I was very young, we'd go to my grandparent's house. At the back door and to the right, was a milk delivery door. It was cast iron on the outside against the brick and inside, next to where my Granddad would sit at the kitchen table, the inner wooden door with a chrome door. They were maybe...
    Posted to Member Gallery by JenniferD2 on 25 May 2010
    Filed under: acrylic, still life, milk, strawberries, bread, Nostalgia, honey
  • "Chocolate Frosted Doughnut and Strawberry"

    Oil on 5"x7" hardboard panel (sold)
    Posted to Member Gallery by DebbieBCooper on 11 Apr 2010
    Filed under: still life, realism, Oil painting
  • "Chinese Cup with Fruit"

    Again, light and shadow works. 8x10 oil on linen panel.
    Posted to Member Gallery by mds11470 on 8 Feb 2010
    Filed under: still life, Oil painting, small painting
  • "Bold as Brass"

    Oil still life painting - alla prima by Diana K. Gibson
    Posted to Member Gallery by Diana K Gibson on 1 Nov 2009
    Filed under: still life, brass, Diana K Gibson
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