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  • Fish, Lemons & Glass Bowls

    Still Life Painting Traditions Dutch still life painting set the standard for out-of-this-world virtuosity in the 17th century, and I'll never get over the unusual mix of objects artists chose to depict: food of all kinds, polished silverware and gleaming glass, embroidered and heavily worked tablecloths...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 22 Mar 2015
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  • Still Life

    Posted to Still Life by Hazin Art Gallery on 18 Mar 2015
  • Fur, Feathers, Scales, and Tails

    The Feat of Drawing Animals I don’t have pets but I really love drawing animals because it allows me to focus on a subject matter that is totally different from what I’m used to. Animals’ bodies vary dramatically from bird to reptile to mammal, and that means I get to wrap my head around...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 17 Mar 2015
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  • 6 Tips on How to Draw Anything Accurately

    Drawing is a fundamental skill for artists, emphasis on "skill." That means there are basic drawing rules and approaches that work, including these six tips on how to draw anything accurately. Delmonico Building by Charles Sheeler, 1926, lithograph drawing. Adapted from an article by M. Stephen...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 17 Feb 2015
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  • Priceless: A Representational Artist Who Understands Abstraction

    Delphinium by Sherrie McGraw, oil painting, 8 x 10. Oil Painting Abstraction & Representation Sherrie McGraw's work always surprises me because she doesn't allow the objects she is painting to dictate how she paints. Instead, McGraw paints to articulate form, masses, and her own ideas or...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 3 Feb 2015
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  • Portraiture Meets Figure Painting

    Portraiture Meets Figure Painting Alain Picard is well-known for his portraits, but the care and artistry he brings to his portraiture is also evident in his figure work. Even a subtle gesture of a woman seated on some stone steps comes to life with the way he paints his figures, using painterly strokes...
    Posted to The Artist's Life by VanessaWieland on 23 Jan 2015
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  • Cowboy Still Life by K Henderson

    Cowboy Still Life , 36 x 36, oil on canvas What cowboy wouldn't want a fancy pair of boots, a nice set of spurs and a six shooter? Inquire See more of my Western Art and American Indian paintings on My Website www.khenderson.com
    Posted to Member Gallery by K. Henderson on 18 Dec 2014
    Filed under: still life, Oil painting, western art, K Henderson, american Indian pottery, cowboy boot, spurs, sixshooter
  • Micron Pens and Eraser rough sketch

    I am trying to practice my abilities of drawing from real life and getting proportions correct. I did not know what else to draw in my house so I just drew some of my supplies. Please let me know what you think and do not hold back. I am really wanting to improve as an artist and need to know what to...
    Posted to Critique My Artwork by JHopson2013 on 26 Nov 2014
  • need to be in an artist circle

    Hi, i am an artist n i love experimenting with all kind of medias like pastel, oil, acrylics etc. And i need some senior artists to suggest me some interesting art work.
    Posted to Welcome! by EatSleepPaint on 24 Dec 2013

    The whole concept of shadows fascinate me in how they reflect a solid reality. And yet, they are not 'real' or solid but still play an important part in defining the object. In thinking of this, there are aspects of myself I am aware of that allow 'shadows' within. The teacup is an important...
    Posted to Show Us Your Very Best Art Competition by VICTORIAVISIONS on 11 Nov 2013
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  • Re: Challenge #37 - November 2013

    Dear artists fellows, I am so happy to be here again and trying to get my humble contribution to this wonderful challenge.(what a great photos selection!!!) Thank you so much Marsha for your kind message and for the invitation. I just want to let everybody know that even if I did not participate and...
    Posted to All Media Photo Challenge by Cristina Mihailescu on 6 Nov 2013
  • Re: challenge CHATTER - 2013

    I got to watching youtube about watercolor painting and came across this demo on how to paint onions. Thought I would give it a try. It's not as good as his but I don't think its too bad . 12 x 7 on arches rough x
    Posted to All Media Photo Challenge by Berkenstock on 28 Apr 2013
  • 'Self portrait as a Hyperborean (Sidiboy)' 600mm x 600mm Oil on muslin 2012

    Posted to Member Gallery by shaun4 on 4 Jun 2012
    Filed under: still life, oil, alla prima, realism paintings traditional realist observational
  • Vessel of the Soul

    Vessel of the Soul , oil on canvas, 30 x 40 I've painted this piece of Southwestern Pottery several times. It's one of my favorites. I love using strong lights in my still lifes. http://khendersonart2.blogspot.com/
    Posted to Member Gallery by K. Henderson on 21 Jul 2011
    Filed under: still life, art for sale, pottery, southwest, K Henderson
  • Three of a Kind

    Oil on canvas, 11" x 14"
    Posted to Member Gallery by Kay Morgan on 26 Mar 2011
    Filed under: still life, interior, fruit, chair, pears, oil painting ., Kay Morgan
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