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  • 3 Tips for Summertime Sketching

    I love summer because I’m always on the go. It’s the best time of year to travel, and I just can’t seem to say no to any outing or adventure that comes my way. Want to take a road trip through the Carolinas, Court? I’m there. A holiday to Chicago? Sign me up. A vacation in California’s...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 28 Jun 2015
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  • Where Gesture Is King

    Comics, of course! Back in college I got a little bit obsessed with the history of comics, mostly as an art appreciator, although I was also fascinated by how much social commentary was injected into the narratives and stories. But my interest in comics is where I really seized on the pen and ink artwork...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 21 Jun 2015
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  • Free Guide to Cartoon Drawings

    Thousands and thousands of us, from different walks of life and in various places around the world, walk the road of an artist in some capacity, whether we are enthusiasts and lifelong students, professionals, or just starting to discover our creative interests and abilities. One characteristic that...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 18 Jun 2015
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  • How Do You Paint on the Go?

    It’s only the beginning of June, and already I’m fantasizing about summer road trips and exotic jaunts. But then I remember that almost every time I go on vacation my glow wears off once the artists show up. Inevitably, I see a traveler who is painting landscapes or sketching, creating significant...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 16 Jun 2015
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  • The Cover Up

    This is a charcoal drawing that I am currently working on of my granddaughter. She inspires me to want to only draw her because she is so darn cute! I'll re post when I am done with my drawing.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Roxann B. on 19 May 2015
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  • An Incredible Artist Offering Workshops This Summer in NYC

    Plein Air Oil Painting with Melanie Vote I get so excited when artists whose work I greatly admire turn their attention to teaching because that is where the creative spark of inspiration comes so often for me. This summer Melanie Vote, an artist I have know for years and respect so much, is giving a...
    Posted to The Artist's Life by Courtney Jordan on 15 May 2015
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  • Self Portrait

    pencil on paper
    Posted to Member Gallery by AlexisAnneGrant on 20 Feb 2015
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  • Just another begginer looking for critique! :D

    Hi everyone! I must say that I'm not looking for anyone to tell me: Well, it's not too bad, I it's fine, keep it up! :D Nope, I need critiques. I know my drawings are terrible, so I would like to get some advices from people who know about this. I'm a 16 year old girl from Spain. I've...
    Posted to Beginners by Daniela75lm on 7 Sep 2014
  • I Need Art Advice

    After starting to get back into drawing I thought I'd post some videos on youtube to see what other people thought, I know it's not that good but I really wanted some advice on how to improve, however as I suspected, my channel hasn't really taken off with very few views in the couple of...
    Posted to Beginners by Bouy_ on 26 Jun 2014
  • See thru grid cards for analyzing your subject and finding compositions in the field.

    These credit card size grid cards are a convenient update on an old established artists method for comparatively measuring subjects and finding compositions in the field. They are up for pre-order on Kickstarter until July 6, to see them in action click HERE
    Posted to Drawing by Critter Steve on 13 Jun 2013
  • Kitchens and food a must see when traveling!

    Every kitchen is different yet we all find a certain comfort in them. Memories triggered by smell and taste -remembering feelings of warmth, love and caring moments. Another sketch in pen and ink done in the sketchbook that I use in my art class to share with my students. Being a public school art teacher...
    Posted to Member Gallery by Fahmikhan on 7 Nov 2012
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  • Manual labor still exits in its primitive form.

    Manual labor pull up with loads of brick and iron rods for making modern skyscrapers in a developing country, whilst still existing in past history! Quick pen sketches in sketchbook recording my travel this past summer to Bangladesh. I use these to teach about the different cultures to my students. More...
    Posted to Member Gallery by Fahmikhan on 7 Nov 2012
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  • Summer travels

    Went to Bangladesh this summer and did lots of sketching!
    Posted to Member Gallery by Fahmikhan on 7 Nov 2012
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  • Re: Graphite- "Making of a leader"

    I have Parkinson's Disease and always seeking tips to improve (overcome) tremors in my hands while painting, drawing, sketching, etc. as I take plenty of Sinemet and Aricept for the conditions of Parkinson's. Due to cost of doctors and many other medications, my funds are limited when it comes...
    Posted to Drawing by Tremors on 19 Jul 2012
  • Anxiousness

    pictured an aged middle class man ,showed feeling of anxiety,apprehension,fear of life...what the world had provided you and ,now at this age, what will it provide!
    Posted to Drawing by Sohaj on 20 Apr 2012
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