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  • Micron Pens and Eraser rough sketch

    I am trying to practice my abilities of drawing from real life and getting proportions correct. I did not know what else to draw in my house so I just drew some of my supplies. Please let me know what you think and do not hold back. I am really wanting to improve as an artist and need to know what to...
    Posted to Critique My Artwork by JHopson2013 on 26 Nov 2014
  • Sketch portraits

    Hello y'all. I would love for you guys to comment/come with constructive criticism on these sketch portraits that I did of a male and a female.
    Posted to Drawing by AndreasL22 on 20 Sep 2014
  • sketch pencil Kostov'14

    sketch pencil paper
    Posted to Member Gallery by kostadin on 8 Mar 2014
    Filed under: pencil, paper, sketch, kostadinkostov
  • portrait

    Posted to Member Gallery by suyash7 7 on 1 Jan 2014
    Filed under: portrait, sketch, pencil & charcoal, suyash
  • color pencil sharpener to remove wood only

    Years ago I had a pencil sharpener in classroom studio that removed wood only leaving the lead or color It was manual and look like the old wall sharpener I was looking for one now that we are doing color pencil class this spring I have seen a "grapshap" for manual use but would like to find...
    Posted to Drawing by Great Motherrabbit on 5 Nov 2012
  • "Eric"

    Post humous commission. 8x10 Pencil and Charcoal on Arches natural white hotpress watercolor paper. http://patrickentenmann.com
    Posted to Member Gallery by Patrick1679 on 25 Oct 2012
    Filed under: pencil, drawing, graphite, sketch, commisioned, Patrick1679, Patrick Entenmann, charcaol, post humous
  • Re: Graphite- "Making of a leader"

    I have Parkinson's Disease and always seeking tips to improve (overcome) tremors in my hands while painting, drawing, sketching, etc. as I take plenty of Sinemet and Aricept for the conditions of Parkinson's. Due to cost of doctors and many other medications, my funds are limited when it comes...
    Posted to Drawing by Tremors on 19 Jul 2012
  • Anxiousness

    pictured an aged middle class man ,showed feeling of anxiety,apprehension,fear of life...what the world had provided you and ,now at this age, what will it provide!
    Posted to Drawing by Sohaj on 20 Apr 2012
  • Sketching

    Sketching implies looseness and freedom as opposed to more fully finished or formal drawing practices. Sketching techniques usually focus on hand-eye coordination and observational skills surrounding proportion, light and dark, and gesture. Creating simple pencil sketches or quick studies is an affordable...
    Posted to Topics by JSimonds on 16 Mar 2012
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  • "Clean up My Room?" - revisited

    This was never meant to be anything other than a quick sketch, but you guys probably know me by now. Once I get started on something, I seem to have to keep on "noodling" with it until I either get it like I want it, or ruin it trying to get there. Hope I didn't mess this one up by continuing...
    Posted to Member Gallery by Margo5 on 26 Apr 2011
    Filed under: drawing, sketch, child, Margo, 9"x12" Strathmore Bristol Smooth, regular #2 pencil, Shinhan 4B pencil
  • "Clean up My Room?"

    This didn't come out exactly as I wanted it, but hopefully I captured some of the mischief. See: "Clean Up My Room?" - revisited
    Posted to Member Gallery by Margo5 on 14 Mar 2011
    Filed under: drawing, sketch, child, Margo, 9"x12" Strathmore Bristol Smooth, regular #2 pencil
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