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  • "Waiting it Out"

    20 X 20 oil on canvas. This was a painting I did some time ago and revised by adding the focal point of the anchored sailboat...I think it works now!
    Posted to Member Gallery by Russ Voelker on 13 Jun 2015
    Filed under: seascape, Oil painting, boats, sea, fog, sailboats, Sailing, Russ Voelker, ocean shoreline, saltwater sailing, saltwater
  • Big Red | Oil on Linen | 30x40

    Posted to Member Gallery by Christian Hemme on 7 May 2015
    Filed under: seascape, landscape, Oil painting, boats, Oil on linen, nautical, Gulf Coast, Christian Hemme, maritime, oil rig
  • A lost rose...

    Mastering sunsets project -reinventing sunset lightning in a scene -workshop with Richard Robinson So proud to say I've got very nice comments from my teacher comments and critiques are always welcomed A wonderful week-end to everyone!
    Posted to Member Gallery by Cristina Mihailescu on 28 Feb 2014
    Filed under: seascape, impressionism, water, boats, dock, reflections, buildings, sea gull, Cristina Mihailescu, workshop Richard Robinson, sunset glow
  • "Sailing on Monterey Bay"

    Upon arriving to the Monterey Peninsula, you can see the sailboats out on the bay. It is such a breathtaking scene as they seem to glide so peacefully through the water. Within a short time, I took photos of the bay with the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club, Monterey Wharf and Monterey Bay Aquarium in the...
    Posted to Member Gallery by Del Malonee on 16 May 2012
    Filed under: seascape, ocean, boats, sea, bay, sailboats, giclees, yacht, Monterey Bay
  • Beaufort Bustle

    Crowded dock, Beaufort, NC. 24x36" o/p.
    Posted to Member Gallery by jcw on 3 Mar 2010
    Filed under: seascape, oil, painting, realism, boats, North Carolina, Jimmy Craig Womble
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