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  • Cabin Study #2

    East Green Pond Way, New York Life Painting Solitude (12in x 9in)
    Posted to Member Gallery by AlexisAnneGrant on 1 Sep 2014
    Filed under: landscape, art, portrait, Woods, Oil painting, lake, trees, gifts, red, cat, fall, prints, oils, life, Oil on Panel, fine art, art for sale, texture, peace, still life, Black and white, animal art, peaceful, grey, feline, valley, design, looking, solitude, emotions, memories, table, emotional, quiet, stare, painting ..., commissions, holidays, shoppe, isolation, wall decor, create, follow, alexisannegrantart, tonal, find, meow, animal portraits, silence, moments, 2014, screens, feel, lookout
  • 3legs

    Help Critique This Commission! ThankYou! 16x20
    Posted to Member Gallery by AlexisAnneGrant on 26 Feb 2014
    Filed under: color, art, portrait, animal, oil, original, painting, red, purple, cat, yellow, chair, paint, legs, colorful, animal painting, green, colour, weird, memories, oil ON CANVAS, commissions, furniture, shopper, shoppe, etsy, create, find, meow, search, plaid, pillow, unique, leg, missing
  • Across the river

    This is original contemporary oil painting on canvas by SOLOMOON. All my works are unique, these are not print and not copy, is signed and dated by the author from the reverse side. The authenticity of work is confirmed into Federal Agency of cultural heritage protection. Size: 50x50 cm (20"x20"...
    Posted to Member Gallery by solomoon on 6 Jan 2014
    Filed under: art, oil, original, nature, painting, palette knife, red, contemporary, village, on canvas, impasto, modern art, landscape Oil Painting, alla prima painting, mountains and hill
  • After the Rain.

    Paastel 11x14
    Posted to Show Us Your Very Best Art Competition by mbenton007@hotmail.com on 28 Feb 2013
    Filed under: painting, Drawings, art, flowers, red
  • 231

    A Window in a mental hospital...
    Posted to Member Gallery by nachofrades on 11 Feb 2011
    Filed under: art, original, blue, urban, red, surrealism, life, still, black, black & white art, Jazz, metaphysical, solitude, giclees
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