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  • Realism Oil Paintings

    30 Gorgeous Realism Oil Paintings by Jose Higuera http://www.top13.net/realism-art/
    Posted to Oil by Jose Higuera on 12 Dec 2014
  • Melencio's Artwork

    I just recently made a website for my works and you can find it at http://melencio.designfxpro.com Please feel free to send me an email or feedback regarding my works. I hope everyone will enjoy it. Thanks, Melencio
    Posted to Oil by melencio on 14 Oct 2014
  • Desert Wash

    This is a 16" x 20" oil painting on canvas. I used this painting as a demonstration for my oil painting class that I teach at a local recreation center. I furnish each student with the same, 8" x 10", reference photo, and they paint along with me, as I explain the operations as I...
    Posted to Oil by WFMartin on 29 Aug 2014
  • It took a journey for me to reach my goal!

    Hi everyone, I'm Troy Roberts, an artist with a passion for portraits. My young years were not easy,especially after loosing my parents at age 8. Because I was the only boy of 7 children, I was forced to do something different. I picked up a pencil and never looked back. Drawing and painting is all...
    Posted to Welcome! by Troy Roberts on 17 Jun 2014
  • Buffalo Rider by K Henderson

    Buffalo Rider , 14" x 11", oil on linen I've painted a series of 1880's Cowboys. This Cowboy wears the hat, vest, scarf and scarf slide typical of that time in the American West Available See more of my Western Art and American Indian paintings on My Blog http://khendersonart2.blogspot...
    Posted to Member Gallery by K. Henderson on 22 May 2014
    Filed under: portrait, painting, realism, cowboy, Cowboy hat, southwestern art, K Henderson, American west
  • Re: Atelier Neo Medici-Renaissance Painting Techniques for Contemporary Artists

    NORWEGIAN WOOD by Gregory Pelizzari - Atelier Neo Medici
    Posted to Oil by pelizzari on 8 Mar 2014
  • Barbie, Queen of the Prom by K Henderson

    Barbie, Queen of the Prom , 24 x 36, oil on linen All the the Vintage Game Board paintings I've been creating recently have been 'Boy' games (Cowboys, Indians, Super Heroes). I decided it was time to do a 'Girl' game. And what could be more Girly than Barbie, The Famous Teenage Fashion...
    Posted to Member Gallery by K. Henderson Fine Art on 22 Jan 2014
    Filed under: realism, k. henderson, Barbie, vintage board game, mattel, queen of the prom
  • CowGirl Clarabelle Vintage Card by K Henderson

    CowGirl Clarabelle , 10 x 8, oil on board This is the third painting in my most recent Old Maid Cards trilogy. The theme of these three is Cowboys and Indians. The three paintings can be seen and purchased at Lovetts Gallery See more of my Contemporary Realism on My Blog http://khendersonart.blogspot...
    Posted to Member Gallery by K. Henderson Fine Art on 16 Dec 2013
    Filed under: realism, cowboys, vintage toys, contemporary realism, indians, K Henderson, playing cards, trompe l'oeil, Old Maid
  • And Your Little Dog, Too! by K Henderson

    And Your Little Dog, Too , 28 x 22, oil on linen Ok, so I'm a little late with this Halloween themed painting but I prefer to think that I'm early for next year. The title of the painting comes from the line in the Wizard of Oz " I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!"...
    Posted to Member Gallery by K. Henderson Fine Art on 10 Nov 2013
    Filed under: realism, Oil painting, k. henderson, art for sale, wizard of oz, trompe l'oeil, Hollywood Witch, witch, Wicca, vintage movie
  • Cowboy Vintage Card by K Henderson

    Cowboy , 10 x 8, oil on Board This trompe l'oeil painting was inspired by a card from a vintage Old Maid game. A few bullet holes were added to create authenticity. Yippee Ki Yay! http://khendersonart.blogspot.com/
    Posted to Member Gallery by K. Henderson Fine Art on 12 May 2013
    Filed under: realism, cowboy, vintage toys, contemporary realism, K Henderson, playing cards, trompe l'oeil, Old Maid, Yippee Ki-yay
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