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  • Beyond Drawing Basics: Drawing Storyboards for the Coen Brothers Movies

    Ohio artist J. Todd Anderson took his talent for drawing to Hollywood and, as a storyboard artist, became part of the award-winning Coen Brothers movie-making team, creating the storyboards for such movies as Raising Arizona and No Country for Old Men. by Linda S. Price The Coen Brothers shoot scenes...
    Posted to The Drawing Blog by American Artist on 7 Jul 2008
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  • Pastel: Patricia A. Hannaway: Drawing What the Model is Doing

    Californian Patricia A. Hannaway stresses that the best drawings of living things honor the action line and gesture, suggesting their movements in the recent past, present, and future. This dynamic, cinematic approach makes sense for someone who has made a name for herself as a successful animator. Like...
    Posted to The Pastel Blog by American Artist on 7 May 2008
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  • BACAA: Classical Training From Contemporary Masters

    The Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier, just outside of San Francisco, began with one woman’s dream to establish a school steeped in the traditions of the European ateliers of the past. Today the atelier is one of the most regarded classical contemporary schools in the country, offering students...
    Posted to Quick Sketches by American Artist on 7 May 2008
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  • Long-Pose Drawing Basics: How to Keep It Energetic and Alive

    A more finished drawing is possible when a model poses for an extended amount of time, but this luxury comes with particular challenges. Identifying and preparing for the potential pitfalls will improve your figure drawing . To read more features like this, subscribe to Drawing today! by Dan Gheno Academic...
    Posted to The Drawing Blog by American Artist on 19 Jan 2008
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  • Masters: Ingres’ Materials

    Ingres taught us much about contours and portraiture. Here, we offer an excerpt from the feature about how the artist's use of graphite on smooth white paper was ahead of his time. by Mark G. Mitchell Portrait of La Principessa Fiano 1817, graphite, 8 5/8 x 6 13/16. Private collection. “So...
    Posted to Learning from the Masters by American Artist on 15 Oct 2007
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