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  • Can a Caricature Help My Portrait Painting?

    The Grimaces by Louis-Leopold Boilly, 1823, lithograph, 13 1/8 x 10. Awhile ago I was in the Met and saw "Infinite Jest," an exhibition of drawings and prints that explore satire and caricature from the Italian Renaissance to the present. I enjoyed the show, walking around and chuckling at...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 12 Aug 2014
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  • An Artist Tells All

    Brass with Oranges by C.W. Mundy, 2010, oil on linen. No apologies from me for that bit of sensationalism (I must have written tabloid headlines in another life). The truth is I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with artist and instructor C.W. Mundy, who is generous with both his time and his talents...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 10 Dec 2013
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  • Drawing Basics: The Best Pencil?

    Dan Gheno, a New York-based artist and teacher, introduced me to the Pitt oil-base sanguine pencil, and it is my favorite material to draw pencil sketches with. I like it because it has a nice warm tone reminiscent of the marks in some Renaissance and Classical drawings and because it is waxy enough...
    Posted to The Drawing Blog by Bob Bahr on 30 Oct 2013
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  • Journey into the past...I meant to post it into other gallery,so sorry!!!)

    I had have experimented a combination of pencil, charcoal, acrylic and oil pastel. Inspired by a photo taken of me at a costume party plus... my imagination I meant to post it in other gallery but accidentally posted it here again so sorry!!!
    Posted to Member Gallery by Cristina Mihailescu on 4 May 2013
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  • This Sci-Fi Guru Can Draw

    I'm totally a sci-fi junkie and H.R. Giger is truly a master artist in the genre of fantastic realism. I first came across his work through his designs for Alien . Lately, with the release of Prometheus , his art came up on my radar again. Now, his work is...out there. His style is so unique that...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 31 Jul 2012
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  • You Could Use Some Color: New Free eBook on Colored Pencil Techniques

    I don't care what anyone says, color is king. It makes everything better--more appealing and lively. Oftentimes in an artist's drawing practice, a sense of color takes a backseat to the black, white, and gray of charcoal or graphite. But that doesn't necessarily have to be the way it is....
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 12 Jul 2012
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