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  • Self portrait... HELP... critique my work please:)

    Hey I am working on a series of self portraits and this is my first painting in Pastel. I would love to get some honest critique about this painting cause it feels like there is something missing ... but I cant really figure out what.
    Posted to Pastel by Nivvi on 4 Sep 2013
  • Daffodil

    This is the first time I enter the all media challenge, actually I saw the photograph and decided I should try and do it, Alexandra Spencer saw my post and recognized it as one the pictures in the all media challenge so I decided it was actually good enough to enter
    Posted to All Media Photo Challenge by jfgarcia on 17 Mar 2013
  • sanded pastel paper

    My instructor has recommended preparing a sanded surface myself when I complained of the difficulty of finding sanded pastel papers, but he is primarily an oil painter, and offered no instructions. What paper/board, what substance should I use to get the sanded texture?
    Posted to Pastel by njMargaret on 24 Feb 2013
  • ábrela y vas a saber

    Posted to Member Gallery by jfgarcia on 17 Dec 2012
    Filed under: pastel painting, jfgarcia
  • Pastel Painting

    End of the Season by William Merritt Chase, 1885, pastel, 13¼ x 17¾. Pastel painting or pastel drawing starts with an implement of pigment mixed with chalk or clay and combined with gum to make a paste that is then hardened and made available as soft or hard pastels, pastel pencils, or...
    Posted to Topics by JSimonds on 16 Mar 2012
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  • Sanded papers

    Hi I sometimes build my own substrate but often use Wallis sanded paper. I am getting a bit frustrated by the availability of Wallis paper. It is often out of stock everywhere. I have only used a few other papers and was wondering if anyone out there has discovered another paper that comes close in grit...
    Posted to Pastel by Madeleine Kelly on 1 Jan 2012
  • "Gauguin's Barn"

    Pastel on board 16 x 20 by Madeleine Kelly www.madeleinekelly.com My homage to Gauguin's color palette.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Madeleine Kelly on 1 Jan 2012
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  • Re: Where are all the pastel painters?

    Hi Redutsa I too am new to the forum. I have been doing pastels for 7 years now and love love them. The colors are so vibrant and the texture is fabulous. This is a pastel I did on board. - Madeleine Happy New Year! ( Select the green film strip to upload images ) www.madeleinekelly.com
    Posted to Pastel by Madeleine Kelly on 30 Dec 2011
  • "Steve" Pastel on Paper

    Another pastel painting that I've completed these past months while unemployed!
    Posted to Member Gallery by JeanE Frantz on 4 Jan 2011
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  • "Alivia" Pastel on Paper

    This is a 2nd post of this painting. The first was a photo from my phone! This is a scan... much better quality!
    Posted to Member Gallery by JeanE Frantz on 4 Jan 2011
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  • "My little sister"

    A portrait in Soft Pastel on 18.5"x14"velour, first time I've used velour...jury's out!
    Posted to Member Gallery by Deirdre11 on 18 Jan 2009
    Filed under: portrait, pastels, pastel painting
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