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  • It took a journey for me to reach my goal!

    Hi everyone, I'm Troy Roberts, an artist with a passion for portraits. My young years were not easy,especially after loosing my parents at age 8. Because I was the only boy of 7 children, I was forced to do something different. I picked up a pencil and never looked back. Drawing and painting is all...
    Posted to Welcome! by Troy Roberts on 17 Jun 2014
  • An acrylic Piece

    Tried to play with the light. would appreciate comments
    Posted to Landscape by luczay on 3 Jun 2014
  • Lightening My Plein Air Pack

    Scott Burdick often does plein air studies, like this one ( Vermilion Cliffs , 2009, plein air oil painting, 9 x 12), on lightweight panels that are easy to travel with. I was watching a documentary about the Appalachian Trail the other day and was amazed to hear that hikers stopping at one particular...
    Posted to Plein Air Blog by Courtney Jordan on 2 Jun 2014
    Filed under: Plein Air, painting, oil painting, How to Paint
  • Beginners

    Hi everyone, I have joined Artist's daily recently. I am here to take a part in discussions and share each others views about paintings. Visit my website and express your comments to me. www.spreadcolours.com
    Posted to Beginners by Rashmi Patole on 2 Jun 2014
  • Buffalo Rider by K Henderson

    Buffalo Rider , 14" x 11", oil on linen I've painted a series of 1880's Cowboys. This Cowboy wears the hat, vest, scarf and scarf slide typical of that time in the American West Available See more of my Western Art and American Indian paintings on My Blog http://khendersonart2.blogspot...
    Posted to Member Gallery by K. Henderson on 22 May 2014
    Filed under: portrait, painting, realism, cowboy, Cowboy hat, southwestern art, K Henderson, American west
  • Cleaning Brushes Better

    I'm a beginner and I need help getting my brushes cleaner. I decided to spend some money and buy fairly nice brushes at Blicks, but after one month of painting with them every day, they are almost worthless. Can someone give me advice on how to care for them better? Thank you! Mandy www.etsy.com...
    Posted to Beginners by DesignedSigns on 19 May 2014
  • Black Is the New Green

    Now that traditional representational painting is seeing something of a revival in art galleries, there is a lot of interest among painters in the techniques employed by masters of the oil painting medium. All of us learn from those who have preceded us, and there are so many great painters from which...
    Posted to The Oil Painting Blog by johnandann@theartistsroad on 7 May 2014
    Filed under: oil painting, painting, portrait painting, drawing, how to paint, shading, Drawing Basics, Art
  • Painting This Uniquely American Place

    Edwin Dickinson's watercolor painting, Boatyard, Provincetown (1921, 15 1/4 x 19), with its delicate washes and subtle color, shows how well suited watercolor medium is to the maritime subject matter of Cape Cod. America is a land of rich diversity that extends throughout our landscapes, cities,...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 6 May 2014
    Filed under: How To Paint, watercolor painting, still life, Painting, Art
  • Re: Share your abstract artwork!

    Rework of college piece that worked fine for that period. It is a 30x40 piece that I darkened the background, added the large planet in the background.
    Posted to Abstract by Abstracted Perceptions on 2 May 2014
  • Painting Upside Down

    A few years ago I remember seeing some paintings by C.W. Mundy that he had created upside-down. I liked the paintings a lot, especially the looseness, with the large shapes of color and values. I hadn't thought about those paintings until recently. I was going to paint from a photo reference one...
    Posted to The Artist's Life by bnguffey on 31 Mar 2014
    Filed under: how to paint, plein air, Painting, Oil Painting, Photo Reference
  • Inspiration That Starts with a Snip or Snap

    A while ago I went through a scrapbooking phase. Now, these were not scrapbooks of me or my friends and family marking my high school career or summer camp experiences. These are what I consider visual networks or maps--images that I sorted by subject and used to inspire me when I was doing certain tasks...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 25 Mar 2014
    Filed under: Painting, Photo Reference, Art
  • - K H -

    Pastel and charcoal on toned paper, 34/49 cm, 2013.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Miroslav Ivanov on 8 Oct 2013
    Filed under: drawing, charcoal, painting, realism, pastel, fine art, monochrome, classical art, Miroslav Ivanov.
  • - P -

    Oil on canvas, 27/35 cm. About eight hours painting from life.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Miroslav Ivanov on 27 Nov 2012
    Filed under: color, portrait, oil, canvas, painting, realism, woman, female, fine art, model, etude, Miroslav Ivanov, from life, classical.
  • Reaching For, To Touch...

    Acrylic on illustration board, 40" x 30"
    Posted to Member Gallery by RonGarcia118 on 20 Nov 2010
    Filed under: acrylic, figurative, painting
  • Vic Chesnutt, mixed media, 8x10in, 2010

    Posted to Member Gallery by ChrisHodges on 26 Sep 2010
    Filed under: portrait, painting, mixed media, figure, 8 x 10, DrChris
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