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  • Painting Upside Down

    A few years ago I remember seeing some paintings by C.W. Mundy that he had created upside-down. I liked the paintings a lot, especially the looseness, with the large shapes of color and values. I hadn't thought about those paintings until recently. I was going to paint from a photo reference one...
    Posted to The Artist's Life by bnguffey on 31 Mar 2014
    Filed under: how to paint, plein air, Painting, Oil Painting, Photo Reference
  • Inspiration That Starts with a Snip or Snap

    A while ago I went through a scrapbooking phase. Now, these were not scrapbooks of me or my friends and family marking my high school career or summer camp experiences. These are what I consider visual networks or maps--images that I sorted by subject and used to inspire me when I was doing certain tasks...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 25 Mar 2014
    Filed under: Painting, Photo Reference, Art
  • Plein Air Painting with Clyde Aspevig

    Flower Garden by Clyde Aspevig, oil on canvas, 24 x 12. Content adapted from an article by Allison Malafronte. Clyde Aspevig is a landscape painter and seasoned plein air artist who prides himself on going out into his chosen environs with a feeling of belonging to nature rather than feeling apart from...
    Posted to Plein Air Blog by Courtney Jordan on 11 Mar 2014
    Filed under: Plein Air, painting, oil painting, How to Paint, Landscape Drawing, Art
  • Re: Atelier Neo Medici-Renaissance Painting Techniques for Contemporary Artists

    ROUND MIDNIGHT by Gregory Pelizzari - Atelier Neo Medici
    Posted to Oil by pelizzari on 8 Mar 2014
  • French polishing an oil paintg

    Hi, I'm a furniture restorer who's just completed an oil painting. I was thinking of trying French Polish as a 'varnish' Any thoughts?
    Posted to Oil by cov_art on 5 Mar 2014
  • Marketing advice?

    Hello! I'm trying to learn how to market a guided painting video series, on a global scale, I have developed and would love any advice you all may have out there! Three years ago, after 10 years of teaching art in the schools (K-8), I developed a local paint and sip business in which I lead fun,...
    Posted to Outside the Studio by AimeeCJArts on 3 Mar 2014
  • Want to Loosen Up? Go Winter Plein Air Paint!

    On a sunny winter day it's so hard sometimes to overcome the temptation to go outdoors with a sketchbook! Snow and sun make a special light and colors you never see in any other season. So why not to go out for a winter plein air painting session? Well, there are at least two main reasons that may...
    Posted to Plein Air Blog by vova on 17 Feb 2014
    Filed under: Plein Air, painting, oil painting, How to Paint, Watercolor Painting, sketching
  • Re: CHALLENGE #40 - February 2014

    Hi C&C, First time poster. I very much need an inspiration to work faster and I think this would be a great motivator! How do I become " part of the Monthly Challenges " ? Here is my copy of a painting by Frederic William Burton, " The Meeting on the Turret Stairs" (1864; also...
    Posted to All Media Photo Challenge by cllewi3 on 17 Feb 2014
  • Caution! Handle With Care

    Portrait of a Man by Jan Van Eyck, 1433, oil painting on wood. Vermillion, crimson, scarlet, fuchsia—the color red comes in so many different shades. And of all the colors in the spectrum or on the color wheel , it’s the most easily visible. It’s also the hottest of the warm colors...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 2 Feb 2014
    Filed under: Oil Painting, Painting, Color, Art
  • Fun Valentines Day Painting

    Posted to Watermedia by Ritas Art on 21 Jan 2014
  • - K H -

    Pastel and charcoal on toned paper, 34/49 cm, 2013.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Miroslav Ivanov on 8 Oct 2013
    Filed under: drawing, charcoal, painting, realism, pastel, fine art, monochrome, classical art, Miroslav Ivanov.
  • - P -

    Oil on canvas, 27/35 cm. About eight hours painting from life.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Miroslav Ivanov on 27 Nov 2012
    Filed under: color, portrait, oil, canvas, painting, realism, woman, female, fine art, model, etude, Miroslav Ivanov, from life, classical.
  • WIP - Grape - 04

    Transparent oil umber under-layer - 2
    Posted to Member Gallery by Miroslav Ivanov on 5 Sep 2011
    Filed under: color, oil, canvas, painting, fine art, Work in Progress, Miroslav Ivanov, Work in process
  • Reaching For, To Touch...

    Acrylic on illustration board, 40" x 30"
    Posted to Member Gallery by RonGarcia118 on 20 Nov 2010
    Filed under: acrylic, figurative, painting
  • Vic Chesnutt, mixed media, 8x10in, 2010

    Posted to Member Gallery by ChrisHodges on 26 Sep 2010
    Filed under: portrait, painting, mixed media, figure, 8 x 10, DrChris
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