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  • "UNPREDICTABLE" (Acrylic painting of Marilyn Monroe) by Jon Hul

    Rendered with acrylics on illustration board in color, measuring 24" X 30" (horizontal). My pleasure to share this new artpiece to you all! Enjoy- Jon Hul
    Posted to Member Gallery by Jon Hul on 24 Dec 2010
    Filed under: color, portrait, original, figurative, painting, girl, figure, contemporary, faces, painterly, paint, paintings, Realistic, contemporary art, figure painting, Portraits, fine art, illustration, photorealism, original art, fall colors, eyes, colorful, figures, portrait painting, dress, for sale, human figure, photo-realism, figurative drawing, pinup, female portrait, realism paintings, Muse, realism paintings traditional realist observational, paint brushes, colors, comfortable, contemporary realism, photo realism, realistic painting, color painting, painted, painting art, cold press, figure portrait, realism painting, illustration board, portrait acrylic, dry brush, original art., figure person, photo-realism painting, Marilyn Monroe, colour, female painting, Color Portarit, Figurative Fine Art, 24" X 30" Acrylic Painting
  • "Thirsty"

    "Thirsty" - by Matthew Read, - oil on 16x12 canvas panel. This is our family cat, Sugar. He's 19 yrs old, but still lively!
    Posted to Member Gallery by Matthew Read on 22 Jun 2010
    Filed under: alaska, animal portrait, color, art, animal, original, canvas, figurative, realism, Oil painting, animals, oil on canvas, cat, artist, paintings, Oil Paintings, Oil on Panel, contemporary art, original painting, paintings realism, art for sale, original art, original oil painting, colorful, cat portrait, cats, animal painting, original oil on canvas, 16X12, figurative painting, animal.oil, oil 16x12, animal art, realism paintings, oil painting figurative, realism paintings traditional realist observational, colors, impression, fine arts, original oil painting on canvas, realistic painting, color painting, oil paintings., original., Oil on board canvas, oil oil on canvas figure art, realism painting, canvas panel, oil on canvas panel, original oil, Oil oils realism representational observational profile still life, matthewreadfineart
  • Re: What is original art

    Your teacher is doing her job, and doing it well. It is so nice to see a teacher really working to bring along other artists, and not simply copyist. She is so correct! I work with an artist co-op that holds several open entry shows a year (ea, shows that are open to non-members) We have a juror and...
    Posted to Outside the Studio by Starrpoint on 28 Jan 2010
  • Re: What is original art

    [quote user="Margo"] If you take your own photo, your are allowed to trace the arabesque of your own photo until the cows come home. It is your original photo. [/quote] When you paint from a photo, closely, not simply for reference, you are copying much of the creativity of the photographer...
    Posted to Outside the Studio by Starrpoint on 28 Jan 2010
  • "The Pig Man"

    Posted to Member Gallery by Bentw3 on 2 Dec 2009
    Filed under: watercolor, original, architecture, painting, realism, Male figure, man, figure, wood, watercolour painting., Realistic, Farm Animals, waterercolor, watercolor figurative, figure painting, fine art, paintings realism, watercolor painting, watercolor on paper, original art, portraitt, portraitture, American, black man, african american, portrait painting, figurative painting, expressive, human figure
  • Against the Sky

    A small study in massing big shapes.
    Posted to Member Gallery by wfwartist on 18 Oct 2009
    Filed under: landscape, original, Oil painting, traditional oils, landscapes, outdoor, 11 x 14, Oil on linen, Landscape Painting, outdoors, original painting, original art, traditional landscape painting, tonalism, original oil painting, landscape oil, original oil on canvas
  • Airy Fall Days

    Watercolor on 1/8 sheet (7.5" X 11") 140lb cold pressed paper.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Sherise Walden on 21 Aug 2009
    Filed under: watercolor, landscape, color, art, original, nature, architecture, painting, impressionism, realism, watercolour, paper, autumn, artists, galleries, West Texas, abstract, watercolor nature, building structure, old home, landscapes, Old, country, season, fence, water, farm, building, weather, barn, Oriential, western, impressionist, outdoor, fall, orange, watermedia, hand, Transparent watercolor, new, path, gallery, Industrial Surrealism, paint, paintting, artist, watercolour painting., American Artist, paintnting, water fallcolor, watercolor landscape, Landscape Painting, surrealism, freedom, abstratct, paintings, USA, outdoors, inspirations, representational, Realistic, impressionistic, industrial landscape, original painting, waterercolor, watercolor landscape, farms, fine art, paintings realism, illustration, hyperrealism, Originalal, watercolor painting, watercolor on paper, roof, freshness, original art, realsim, fall colors, fall season, traditional landscape painting, artwork, Abstract Landscape, Abstract Expressionism, Painting?, landscape watercolor, landscaps, oriental, realistic landscape, watercolors, American
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