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    From my garden on a very bright and windy midday BEST IF VIEWED FULL SIZE
    Posted to Member Gallery by RAUL on 28 Apr 2013
    Filed under: floral, oil on canvas, RAUL, 8 X 8 IN
  • Bearded Iris

    Oil on canvas.
    Posted to Member Gallery by _Cindylee on 11 Mar 2011
    Filed under: floral, flower, iris, oil on canvas, botanical
  • Artist Katya Held. Still Life with White Astroemerias and Lilies

    Oil on linen, 28 x 22 in
    Posted to Member Gallery by KatyaHeld on 29 Sep 2009
    Filed under: art, oil, floral, flower, lily, lilies, oil landscape, oil on canvas, flower painting, floral painting, Oil on linen, Oil Paintings, art for sale, artwork, Katya Held
  • Blue Vase

    Posted to Member Gallery by RAUL on 12 Jul 2009
    Filed under: impressionism, floral, oil on canvas, 20 x 30 inches, RAUL
  • Deep Lily

    Posted to Member Gallery by anneholton on 18 Jan 2009
    Filed under: garden, color, art, oil, original, painting, floral, Oil painting, flower, lily, abstract, botanical illustration, lilies, origninal oil on canvas, oil on canvas, red, contemporary, yellow, outdoor, Computer Generated, blossom, painterly, atmospheric
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