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  • "Beyond the Sea"

    Posted to Member Gallery by Bentw3 on 8 Aug 2012
    Filed under: beach, female, ocean, figure, sea, sand, sundown
  • "Breakers at Big Sur"

    The waves are remnants after a storm had passed through Big Sur. The sky has cleared in the background and the waves are rich in color. It was an incredible day. The Original has sold, however, I do have beautiful Limited Edition Giclees available in sizes 12" x 15," 16" x 20," and...
    Posted to Member Gallery by Del Malonee on 30 May 2012
    Filed under: ocean, sea, Big Sur, seagulls, Cliffs, Sceascape
  • "Clear Skies Ahead"

    After developing a respect for, and seeing the awesomeness of the clipper ship, I embarked on a passionate pursuit and study of these tall majestic wonders. I began my first clipper painting and by the time it was finished, my focus and passion for them had increased all the more. This clipper is called...
    Posted to Member Gallery by Del Malonee on 17 May 2012
    Filed under: seascape, ocean, sea, clipper ship
  • "Coming Through The Storm"

    I had this incredible and dramatic image deep inside of me. It was so vivid that I worked and reworked this painting many times to reproduce the lighting and color impact that I desired to achieve. The light is breaking through the clouds, going deep and illuminating the darkened water and moving up...
    Posted to Member Gallery by Del Malonee on 16 May 2012
    Filed under: seascape, lighthouse, ocean, sea, clipper ship, Dramatic Sky
  • Framing suggestions

    I paint a lot but don't always feel confident in my framing choices. I'd like some suggestions for a frame style and/or color for this painting I did recently.
    Posted to Oil by Russ Voelker on 14 Nov 2010
  • "Peaceful Pond"

    A 16" x 20" plein air painting of the Big Sur coastline on a foggy day with the sun just breaking through on some surf crashing on the beach.
    Posted to Landscape by b123 on 26 Sep 2010
  • "BEAC H MUSIC" 18X24"

    Posted to Member Gallery by rodory on 26 Feb 2010
    Filed under: waves, beach, ocean, MARINE ART, MARITIME PAINTING, OIL ON CANVAS 18X24". See more at: www.lefevrepaintings.com
  • South Beach Painting Progression

    I thought I would show you the steps I took to paint South Beach. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions about what to paint first, paint mixes to create water, sand, skin tones, etc. Acrylic palette: Titanium white, yellow ochre, cad yellow pale, raw sienna, burnt sienna, cad red hue, permanent...
    Posted to Acrylic by Sharon Repple on 26 Jan 2010
  • A recent painting/ Under the Rig

    Posted to Acrylic by Artquez on 19 Dec 2009
  • Re: Where are all the pastel painters?

    Hi Barbara: I'm new to this forum and I noticed your posting of over four months ago. I just intro'd myself on the welcome section and I assume someone will see it sooner or later. This isn't a very active forum and, there are other pastel forums you can try if you want someone to reply within...
    Posted to Pastel by DianeC14 on 12 Oct 2009
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