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  • Blue and Pink Flower Photo

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    Posted to Member Gallery by Frank Herrera on 15 May 2013
    Filed under: seascape, landscape, mountains, beach, wildlife, photography, color, art, portrait, animal, nature, architecture, flower, white, people, sunset, animals, sports, digital, abstract, Family, landscapes, rural, urban, wedding, birds, California, new, portraiture, food, music, flowers, culture, city, life, still, Portraits, events, travel, plants, black, Night, Panorama, NYC, cars, Natur, sport, daily, studio, photo, design, photoshop, monochrome, Fashion, photographer, blog, abandoned, street, personal, fine, and, weddings, film, photoblog, analog, candid, Nikon, b/w, photojournalism, fotografie, amateur, Photos, lifestyle, macro, canon, york, documentary, HDR, PLACES, commercial, BW, B&amp, W, &amp, Blue and Pink Flower Photo, black&amp
  • Maritime

    Oil on canvas, 2004. 46/38 cm
    Posted to Member Gallery by Miroslav Ivanov on 12 Feb 2013
    Filed under: color, canvas, nature, realism, Oil painting, fine art, stil life, classical art, Miroslav Ivanov.
  • Airy Fall Days

    Watercolor on 1/8 sheet (7.5" X 11") 140lb cold pressed paper.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Sherise Walden on 21 Aug 2009
    Filed under: watercolor, landscape, color, art, original, nature, architecture, painting, impressionism, realism, watercolour, paper, autumn, artists, galleries, West Texas, abstract, watercolor nature, building structure, old home, landscapes, Old, country, season, fence, water, farm, building, weather, barn, Oriential, western, impressionist, outdoor, fall, orange, watermedia, hand, Transparent watercolor, new, path, gallery, Industrial Surrealism, paint, paintting, artist, watercolour painting., American Artist, paintnting, water fallcolor, watercolor landscape, Landscape Painting, surrealism, freedom, abstratct, paintings, USA, outdoors, inspirations, representational, Realistic, impressionistic, industrial landscape, original painting, waterercolor, watercolor landscape, farms, fine art, paintings realism, illustration, hyperrealism, Originalal, watercolor painting, watercolor on paper, roof, freshness, original art, realsim, fall colors, fall season, traditional landscape painting, artwork, Abstract Landscape, Abstract Expressionism, Painting?, landscape watercolor, landscaps, oriental, realistic landscape, watercolors, American
  • Accabonac Harbor

    Posted to Member Gallery by anneholton on 9 Jan 2009
    Filed under: seascape, landscape, beach, color, art, oil, marine, original, canvas, nature, painting, impressionism, Oil painting, autumn, coast, scenery, abstract, trees, landscapes, Morning, rural, oil landscape, season, origninal oil on canvas, water, ocean, oil on canvas, purple, sky, cloudscape, clouds, scenic, impressionist, yellow, outdoor, fall, orange, sea, seashore, 18x24, painterly, shore, bay, harbor, atmospheric
  • iris closeup

    watercolour, 20"x28"
    Posted to Member Gallery by Alfred Ng on 4 Nov 2008
    Filed under: watercolor, garden, color, art, nature, painting, watercolour, iris
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