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  • You Won’t Get Anywhere With Half Measures

    I've been told by more than one person that I try to see both sides of any issue. And my personal life aside, I can attest that I also do the same for art--I like to see it from all sides, materially speaking. That makes me a perfect match for mixed media art because you can combine so many different...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 26 Jul 2015
    Filed under: Drawing, Mixed Media, sketching, Oil Painting, Art, colored pencil
  • Re: Acrylics over watercolor?

    I have been considering this same problem. The key to remember is that with watercolors you leave the white of the paper as your white and gradually build up your darks. Whereas, with acrylics (and oils) you put your darks down first and add lighter and lighter colors finishing it off with white as your...
    Posted to Watermedia by judithburns on 10 Jun 2015
  • You Paint Them By Not Painting Them?

    T o Be Where There's Life by Ryan Coleman, oil on canvas, 30 x 40, 2010. The coolest thing I ever learned about painting flowers , specifically how to paint a rose, was when a painting teacher told me that you paint them by not painting them. Back then I gave her the stink eye because, really, how...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 7 Jun 2015
    Filed under: painting flowers, How To Paint, Mixed Media, Oil Painting, Art
  • GIMP/Pixel art: Help!!

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I have a little question (don't know if I'm asking it in the right part of AD): how can I have a high size or resollution in my pixel drawings wiht just, for example, 16 bits? I'm using GIMP for my creations.
    Posted to Art Technical Q & A by Cactocat on 29 May 2015
  • Make Every Brushstroke Powerful

    As The Sun Rises by Freda Lee-McCann, 15 x 21, watercolor painting on arches. Have you ever approached a watercolor painting as if each stroke would be your last? Practitioners of calligraphy approach their art something like this, and the results are fresh and spontaneous, not overworked. Calligraphy...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 21 Apr 2015
    Filed under: landscape painting, Mixed Media, watercolor painting, Art
  • Please critique my work, I want to create textile designs out of my artwork. Thanks

    Posted to Mixed Media by Jade Michele Griffin on 18 Apr 2015
  • What's So Hard About Sitting in a Chair?

    How to Draw People Sitting Down Plenty--especially if you are trying to figure out how to draw a person in that chair. Drawing people standing up is waaaaaay more straightforward than puzzling out how to proportion and position a figure sitting down. But to draw people this way opens up a lot of compositional...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 3 Mar 2015
    Filed under: Drawing, how to draw, figure drawing, Mixed Media, How to Draw People, Drawing Basics
  • What's the Wisp?!

    Elton , 11 x 14, mixed media on gesso board, 2011. Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I thought I was near finished with a painting I had been working on for over three months, but when I sent it over to my agent in New York, who I call my third set of eyes, (hubby Matthew is my second) he called...
    Posted to The Artist's Life by ShenShen210 on 7 Jan 2015
    Filed under: how to paint, Painting, Watercolor Painting, Mixed Media, Photo Reference, Art, Drawing Basics
  • abstract painting "Black and White"

    Posted to Acrylic by eubie on 3 Feb 2014
  • New- Wildlife/Nature Inspired Impressionistic Oil Pastels

    Hello! I'm new to this site and completely new/green to the world of oil pastels. I am not a visual artist but rather an environmental science/experiential outdoor educator and I adore wildlife ecology, the natural world, and impressionistic/naive style art. I recently came across a lovely book of...
    Posted to Pastel by Alleghany14 on 2 Feb 2014
  • Dance of the Flower People 4"x4" mixed media

    If people morphed with flowers and danced around, that is what I think this painting is about!
    Posted to Member Gallery by cholzschuh on 24 Feb 2013
    Filed under: mixed media, abstract, christine-paintingstory.blogspot.com, painterskeys.com/pal/christine_holzschuh/, http://dailypaintworks.com/artists/christine-holzschuh-378, Price $45, paintingstory.weebly.com
  • "Did You Mail My Letter?"

    "Did You Mail My Letter?", 15" x 11" mixed media, 1-19-2013
    Posted to Member Gallery by Charlie Gunn on 21 Jan 2013
    Filed under: mixed media, American Artist, still life, Charlie Gunn
  • A Quiet Girl, Mixed media

    Graphite, finished digitally.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Richard Hollowood on 19 Dec 2012
    Filed under: drawing, portrait, graphite, mixed media, digital, girl, traditional

    36 x 24 geologic abstract with metals and texture. See my website, http://carolnelsonfineart.com, for more information.
    Posted to Member Gallery by caroldnelson on 13 Dec 2010
    Filed under: mixed media, abstract, contemporary, geologic, modern, metal
  • Vic Chesnutt, mixed media, 8x10in, 2010

    Posted to Member Gallery by ChrisHodges on 26 Sep 2010
    Filed under: portrait, painting, mixed media, figure, 8 x 10, DrChris
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