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  • Say Bon Voyage to This Kind of Painting

    Passing clouds from my window by Jos van Riswick . The artist has made a commitment to doing a postcard-size oil painting a day. Wherever I visit, I always send my parents postcards. It's a way of sharing my travel experience with them; giving them a sense of what I'm seeing and the environment...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 8 Apr 2014
    Filed under: landscape painting, Mixed Media, sketching, watercolor painting, Oil Painting, Drawing Basics, Art
  • My Spring Painting Inspiration Is…

    Color! Color! Color! After weeks and weeks of dull, lifeless views out my window, I am ready for a spectrum-spanning bout of painting full of rich and deep colors as well as views with soft and pearlescent light that gleams. I didn't realize how much energy and happiness I derive from having all...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 4 Apr 2014
    Filed under: landscape painting, still life, Color, Art
  • 6 Tips for Color Mixing

    An eloquent and unexpected use of color is often what divides beginning painters like me from the greats. But there are several basic rules of thumb that we can build on to propel ourselves and our paintings onto higher, more sophisticated ground, artistically speaking. With practice and attention, one...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 30 Mar 2014
    Filed under: plein air, How To Paint, landscape painting, Portrait Painting, still life, Oil Painting, Color, Art
  • A Painting Technique That’s Outside the Box…Er, Brush

    Di Fronzo painted the grassy fields in his landscape paintings with a nontraditional "comb" made with sixty or so individual hairs. All works by Francis Di Fronzo. Breaking out of a painting rut sometimes requires a little more oomph than just adding another color to your palette or going from...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 20 Mar 2014
    Filed under: plein air, How To Paint, landscape painting, figure painting, still life, Oil Painting, Art
  • Plein Air Painting Techniques: How to Paint Clouds

    Cloud Break by Jonathan Owens, pastel, 17 x 22. Clouds are not all created equal, just like not every sunset or skyscape is the same. They all have their own unique look and feel, even though we can see them all the time. And it is the plein air artist's goal, passion, purpose to eek out that unique...
    Posted to Plein Air Blog by Courtney Jordan on 17 Mar 2014
    Filed under: Plein Air, Landscape Painting, How to Paint, Pastel, Portrait Painting, Drawing Basics
  • "To the Lake"

    A quick little 12" x 9" study from the mind's eye. Oil on canvas.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Russ Voelker on 15 Nov 2010
    Filed under: Woods, lake, trees, water, Landscape Painting, tree landscape, landscape oil, sailboats, lake views, Lanscapes, trails trees, Landscape Oil on canvas, 12 x 9
  • "Frozen Kansas"

    As we drove across Kansas just before the New Year we marveled at the frozen trees. This is a watercolor on 140 lb Arches Rough - I did at a bit of white acrylic using a fan brush for the final touches. Matted and framed the painting would measure 22 x 28 inches.
    Posted to Member Gallery by woodyduncan on 31 Jan 2010
    Filed under: watercolor, landscape, trees, Transparent watercolor, snow, watercolor landscape, Landscape Painting, watercolor landscape, tree landscape, watercolor on paper, snow scene, landscape watercolor, Woody Duncan, snowscape
  • "Orange, Grapes"

    Acrylic on Canvas 16" x 20"
    Posted to Member Gallery by R.J. Ryan-Novak on 29 Sep 2009
    Filed under: landscape, acrylic, realism, fruit, orange, grapes, 16 x 20, 16x20, Landscape Painting, Realistic, acrylic landscape, art for sale, Acrylic on canvas, acrylic painting
  • "Chases Pond"

    Chases Pond, Maine Egg Temera on 5 x 7 panel
    Posted to Member Gallery by Bentw3 on 12 Sep 2009
    Filed under: art, realism, scenery, trees, landscapes, water, scenic, tree, Landscape Painting, reflection, tree landscape, realsim, realistic landscape, American
  • A Brook

    A 16 x 20 Oil on Canvas of a peaceful day.
    Posted to Member Gallery by wfwartist on 3 Sep 2009
    Filed under: landscape, oil, impressionism, Oil painting, landscapes, oil landscape, origninal oil on canvas, oil on canvas, alla prima, impressionist, outdoor, 16 x 20, oils, Landscape oil Painting, Landscape Painting, outdoors, Oil Paintings, impressionistic, stream, original painting, paintings realism, oil on canvas 16 x 20 in
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