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  • Goat Face

    Goat Face, Portrait, 2015 Pencil and Ink on Paper (14in x 17in) Just $65.99 https://www.etsy.com/listing/218286295/goat-portrait-original-drawing-pencil-on?ref=pr_shop
    Posted to Member Gallery by AlexisAnneGrant on 13 Jan 2015
    Filed under: pencil, drawing, art, portrait, animal, paper, mixed media, animals, ink, man, farm, pet portrait, commission, funny, goat, draw, how to, teeth, farm animal, create, odd, custom pet portrait, handmade, oddities
  • A Crowded Room mixed media 3"x7"

    Posted to Member Gallery by cholzschuh on 9 Nov 2014
    Filed under: acrylic, mixed media, artists, ink, gesso, price sold, http//:christineholzschuhpaintingstory.com, abstract Mareva Millarc, images
  • Dirty Thoughts Oct.2013

    This is a collage with mixed media and polyurathane on handmade paper. http://www.hiramsart.com
    Posted to Member Gallery by HiramsART on 6 Jan 2014
    Filed under: mixed media, social commentary, ink, collage, political art, markers
  • And if I had treated you better, you would have left anyway

    9"x12" mixed media(ink, pencil, pastel, water color, sharpie) on water color canvas. Maybe I should find a style I like, and stick with it. But that does sound a bit dull. So what do you think? How do you like this one?
    Posted to Member Gallery by moleratsgotnofur on 4 Sep 2011
    Filed under: pencil, portrait, mixed media, woman, girl, ink, face, 9x12, green eyes, sharpie
  • Enough

    This is a study for a large format piece. Pencil on 9x12 cold pres Strathmore paper.
    Posted to Member Gallery by JusSumguy on 28 May 2011
    Filed under: pencil, drawing, art, charcoal, graphite, realism, paper, mixed media, sketch, abstract, pen, chalk, ink, gallery, media, artist, illustration, perspective, artwork, exhibit, contrast, sketchbook, poster, draw, print, composition, design, vellum, exhibition, image, blending, proportion, eraser, visual, graphic design, shade, artistic, crosshatching, line, template, illustrate, printing, hatching, hue, portfolio, mechanical pencil, art gallery, frame, stippling, erase, style
  • Re: mixed media

    Another one of my experiments. 7 1/2 x 11 Arches 140 lb cold press. Ink and watercolor.
    Posted to Mixed Media by Margo5 on 10 Jan 2010
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