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  • It’s What I’m Here For: Free eBook of Watercolor Lessons & Painting Techniques from Artist Daily

    Overlay by Ali Cavanaugh, 12 x 12, watercolor painting. As a wannabe artist, I have a lot of years ahead of me to invest in perfecting my painting. Knowing this, I often think about the medium I will choose to work with—what will grow with me through the years, show me new and interesting things...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 10 Apr 2014
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  • How to Paint the Look and Feel of Spring

    The color in this work, Wall Street--Arches, Utah , by Carl Dalio calls to mind the scorching heat of a summer day, as opposed to the more delicate hints of color that accompany spring. I’m a color junkie. In fashion, in design, and especially in painting, vibrant color is what gets me creative...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 6 Mar 2014
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  • Want to Loosen Up? Go Winter Plein Air Paint!

    On a sunny winter day it's so hard sometimes to overcome the temptation to go outdoors with a sketchbook! Snow and sun make a special light and colors you never see in any other season. So why not to go out for a winter plein air painting session? Well, there are at least two main reasons that may...
    Posted to Plein Air Blog by vova on 17 Feb 2014
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  • Zorn and Sargent

    If you haven't had an opportunity to see the works of Anders Zorn in person, you might want to get a copy of the exhibition catalog for a show of his work at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. The book, Anders Zorn: Sweden's Master Painter is a treasured addition to our art reference library...
    Posted to The Artist's Life by johnandann@theartistsroad on 22 Jan 2014
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  • Nothing Watered Down About Her Work

    Jozwiak's works (above, Waiting for #9 , 2010, 13 x 26, watercolor, private collection) show how color-rich and sumptuous watercolor painting can be. Over and over again I hear artists cooing about the thick richness of oil paints and its appealing spreadability, and yes, all of that is totally true...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 21 Jan 2014
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