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  • Sunflowers are a perfect subject for beginners.

    This photo of sunflowers makes an excellent subject. It allows the artist to keep the color palette simple as displayed in the photo, or to embellish it creatively by increasing the range of color or the saturation level. Because the photo is limited in content, it also allows the artist to keep the...
    Posted to Beginners by mrpaolo on 20 Jun 2015
  • "Across From The Villa"

    This is a 12x 24" Oil on Canvas. The other painting represents rest & relaxation where this one represents everyday living ie farming. C & C welcomed.
    Posted to Member Gallery by JenPadden on 24 Mar 2015
    Filed under: garden, trees, fence, water, oil on canvas, sky, barn, flowers, Road, grass, house, shed, silo, JenPadden mpton
  • Windy Poppies

    Posted to Member Gallery by Cate7 on 15 Oct 2013
    Filed under: acrylic, canvas, flowers, poppies
  • 'Respondeo, ergo sum'

    Acryl on linen 50 b x 65 h, 19" w x 25" h I'm not a 'floral man' by nature ;), but this painting was the result of a wager with someone who stated "I couldn't finish off a painting in just one day". Although I mostly paint in oil - this is my fist acrylic ever -, I...
    Posted to Member Gallery by Peter vd Woude on 17 Jul 2013
    Filed under: nature, flowers, acrylic paintings
  • Re: challenge CHATTER - 2013

    This oil pastel is of the Victorian Garden in the Fuller Gardens complex. During their annual garden party/art show, I completed about half of the painting before the threat of rain brought a halt. I finished it last night at home. It's 11 by 14 inch, oil pastel. on canvas Panel.
    Posted to All Media Photo Challenge by halsart on 15 Jul 2013
  • Re: Medium for underpainting

    I paint on watercolor paper, several layers of gesso with marble dust in the top layer so gesso for tooth. I've switched to oil pastels but I use the same surface for both dusties and oilies. I also use canvas panels, hardboard panels, birch plywood all gessoed and some texture added such as marble...
    Posted to Pastel by halsart on 6 Jun 2013
  • Bird painting

    Looking back at various art shows, I always sell my small bird paintings. Now I am painting a little larger ones and including some foilage and flowers.
    Posted to Acrylic by eubie on 5 Jun 2013

    I am very happy that you like my paintings.. Thank you very much.. Hope you visit sometime, I am adding new paintings time to time.. I am not so fast to complete a painting... Thanks Earthy
    Posted to Watermedia by yesil on 25 Jul 2012
  • "Pink Mums"

    5" x 7" - Oil on ampersand panel I planted various colored mums in a container last fall and they somehow managed to stay alive during our mild winter. June is not the usual time for mums to produce flowers. Mine are full of small flowers and blooms right now. I thought I'd use some cuttings...
    Posted to Member Gallery by D L H on 17 Jun 2012
    Filed under: flowers, D L H, pink mums
  • "A Little Dance"

    Mara Schasteen 2010 16" x 20" Oil on linen I posted photos of my process in painting this piece on my blog, if you are interested! http://www.maraschasteen.blogspot.com/
    Posted to Member Gallery by Mara Schasteen on 20 Feb 2010
    Filed under: still life, oil, flowers, Mara Schasteen
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