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  • Bewitched

    This was done for an art auction over on Facebook in November. I am happy to say that the original has found a new home. 😄 She is done with pencils and white inks.
    Posted to Member Gallery by E.D. Kerr on 11 Jan 2015
    Filed under: drawing, art, portrait, people, fantasy, female, illustration, pencils, magic, witches, wands, white ink, bewitched
  • Looking for advice and honest critique

    Hello everyone. OK so, I've been learning how to draw by myself all my life and I just picked up digital drawing about 3 weeks ago. I've been watching a lot of digital drawings/speedpaints in youtube but I still can't get it quite yet ;-;... I want to achieve that semi realistic/realistic...
    Posted to Beginners by masterefra012 on 9 Dec 2014
  • Re: Graphite- "Making of a leader"

    I have Parkinson's Disease and always seeking tips to improve (overcome) tremors in my hands while painting, drawing, sketching, etc. as I take plenty of Sinemet and Aricept for the conditions of Parkinson's. Due to cost of doctors and many other medications, my funds are limited when it comes...
    Posted to Drawing by Tremors on 19 Jul 2012
  • Hello

    I have recently joined the site and have posted three drawings. I would like to share one here as well.
    Posted to Drawing by Afton Kern on 2 Mar 2012
  • New Fantasy Artworks on My Sketchpad.

    Hi guys, I just created four more artworks on my blog Sketch Pad. I just got addicted with ink drawing and coloring them with colored pencil. I just hope you guys like them. Don't forget to leave your comments! Thanks, Kerby "Taming The Dragon" "The Puppeteer's Gate" "Morning...
    Posted to Drawing by kerbyrosanes on 5 Oct 2011
  • Alice Rising

    After the fall of the Mad Hatter by the Red Queen, a new Hatter emerges for vengeance!
    Posted to Member Gallery by LordBishop09 on 7 Apr 2010
    Filed under: drawing, woman, fantasy, girl, illustration, Alice in Wonderland
  • Autumn Enchantress - Four part series dealing with "Femininity and Nature"

    Autumn: The decreasing moon indicates the withdrawal of energy, opening the way to that creativity unconnected from reproduction. This is the phase of the "Enchantress", the image of a sexually powerful woman who possesses a deep seductive power.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Janelle16 on 28 Feb 2010
    Filed under: drawing, figurative, woman, fantasy, surreal, erotica, digital color
  • "The tower"

    Colored pencil--- 9x21-- If this loads sideways,please lay down on comfortable surface to help viewing !!
    Posted to Member Gallery by zyhawk58 on 21 Jan 2009
    Filed under: landscape, drawing, painting, Colored Pencil, fantasy, prismacolor, rocks, mountain
  • "Awoken"

    This is a work on colored pastel paper done with colored pencils. It measures 9"x10" ---- The color of the original is brighter as there is a glare in the photo!
    Posted to Member Gallery by zyhawk58 on 19 Jan 2009
    Filed under: drawing, painting, Colored Pencil, fantasy
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