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  • Free eBook on How to Draw Animals

    If I'd been born a century earlier, I think I would have loved menageries. They sound quite romantic, don't they? And it probably would have been the only time I ever stood face to face with exotic animals from distant places. A successful horse drawing is often a matter of getting the leg proportions...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 29 Jan 2015
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  • Drawing On Timeless Principles Before Techniques

    Our best efforts are spent on timeless principles before specific techniques. -- Juliette Aristides, Lessons in Classical Drawing Juliette Aristides, artist and author. I'm Juliette Aristides, an artist, educator, and author based in Seattle, Washington. I have joined on at Artist Daily as a blogger...
    Posted to The Drawing Blog by Juliette Aristides on 26 Jan 2015
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  • Drawing Basics: Meet Your Master and Then Throw Him Away

    For this brush and ink drawing, I applied what I learned from da Vinci, but moved in my own direction. Sad is the disciple who does not advance his master. --Leonardo da Vinci Maybe you remember--in my earlier post when I recommended that you choose a master --I remarked that it was generally a good...
    Posted to The Drawing Blog by dmaidman on 12 Jan 2015
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  • What's the Wisp?!

    Elton , 11 x 14, mixed media on gesso board, 2011. Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I thought I was near finished with a painting I had been working on for over three months, but when I sent it over to my agent in New York, who I call my third set of eyes, (hubby Matthew is my second) he called...
    Posted to The Artist's Life by ShenShen210 on 7 Jan 2015
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  • Traditional, Unconventional, and Just Plain Bizarre

    You can tell a lot about an artist's point of view by how they draw people . It sounds simple but in fact the diversity of vision and execution is pretty vast. There are contemporary artists out there practicing in a traditional vein dating back to the Old Masters. There are also established artists...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 4 Jan 2015
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  • Drawing the Eyes with David Kassan

    David Kassan is a brilliant painter and figure artist. Learn from David as he teaches you the basics of drawing a realistic eye.
    Posted to Artist Daily Videos by bberlin on 12 Sep 2011
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  • Drawing the Figure Part 1

    Scott Waddell shares the strategies he uses to setup his figure drawings. Check out these great drawing basics that are helpful for anyone drawing the figure.
    Posted to Artist Daily Videos by bberlin on 29 Jun 2011
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  • Beyond Drawing Basics: The Art of William Kentridge

    In this in depth look by Art 21, we learn about the drawings, films, and life of the artist William Kentridge
    Posted to From Around the Web by bberlin on 13 Jun 2011
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  • How to Paint a Portrait: 38 Portrait Painting Techniques from Artist Daily

    Learn the fundamentals of portraiture with our latest eBook, How to Paint a Portrait: 38 Portrait Painting Techniques from Artist Daily . In it, Janet Rogers explores how to capture a model's gesture in a watercolor portrait. I knew I liked her style when I read a few of her tips, one of which was...
    Posted to Free eBooks by Courtney Jordan on 2 Jun 2010
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  • Drawing Basics: Learn How to Draw a Cylinder, How to Draw a Sphere, How to Draw a Cube & More Free Beginner Drawing Techniques

    Have you always wanted to learn how to draw? Are you interested in brushing up on drawing basics? Whether you’re looking for drawing lessons for beginners or basic drawing tips to improve your art, the experts at Artist Daily have you covered. This free eBook includes all the fundamental step by...
    Posted to Free eBooks by Karyn on 16 Nov 2009
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