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  • "Seis canicas" (Six marbles)

    Mixed media. The first two marbles were rendered in Derwent pastel pencils, the middle two with Prismacolor Premier pencils and the two on the right with Derwent Watercolor pencils. Done on Mi Teintes pastel paper 9" x 12" Some highlights were done with Generals white carbon stick.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Juan Quiles on 28 Feb 2015
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  • "Wanna Nuzzle" cp 10x12

    "Wanna Nuzzle" cp 10x12 on mi-tientes paper. cp and op.
    Posted to Member Gallery by wetpaperfan on 2 Nov 2012
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  • "Standing Nude with a Staff"

    "Standing Nude with a Staff", 11" x 17" colored pencil on newsprint paper, 10-23-2012
    Posted to Member Gallery by Charlie Gunn on 24 Oct 2012
    Filed under: pencil, drawing, Colored Pencil, nude, woman, female, women, nudes, drawings, Charlie Gunn, American Artist.
  • More Than Skin Deep: Our New Free eBook on Drawing Anatomy

    Knowledge of anatomy is essential for artists who want their figures to appear realistic and natural. But we are not surgeons or medical professionals! Artists are not, and should not be, slaves to anatomical correctness. Académie d’homme by Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, ca. 1800, black chalk...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 11 Oct 2012
    Filed under: drawing anatomy, sketching, How to Draw People, Drawing Basics, Art, colored pencil
  • You Could Use Some Color: New Free eBook on Colored Pencil Techniques

    I don't care what anyone says, color is king. It makes everything better--more appealing and lively. Oftentimes in an artist's drawing practice, a sense of color takes a backseat to the black, white, and gray of charcoal or graphite. But that doesn't necessarily have to be the way it is....
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 12 Jul 2012
    Filed under: Drawing, how to draw, pencil drawing, Artist Daily, Pastel, Drawing Basics, Color, Art, colored pencil
  • Colored Pencils and Exploding Heads: Welcome to the Fall Issue of Drawing

    Kinder Love by Jason Bard Yarmosky, 2011, pencil drawing, 18 x 24. Frontal Study of Naked Man by Leonardo, 1503- 09, pen and ink drawing, 9 1/4 x 5 3/4. Looking East by Kerry Brooks, colored pencil drawing. I'm excited to report that the fall issue of Drawing is here—it hits newsstands November...
    Posted to The Drawing Blog by Austin R. Williams on 7 Nov 2011
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  • "The Fish, The Heron, and a life in Paradise"

    24" x 16" MIXOGLYPH - Colored pencil and mixed-media on cast paper.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Dave Simmons on 14 Aug 2010
    Filed under: Colored Pencil, Mixed-media, mixoglyph, David Simmons
  • Which colored pencil brand is preferable?

    I just recently started a drawing class which will be using colored pencils in the next few weeks. I searched ASW for a set and was overwhelmed by the options. Should I settle for Prismacolor or is Faber-Castell really the best or Derwent or can I get just as good results with Cretacolor's much cheaper...
    Posted to Drawing by Lori Twiggs on 10 Jun 2010
  • Watercolors by Architects

    Greek Steps, Sifnos by Thomas W. Schaller, 2008, watercolor, 12 x 9. I just finished writing an article on Thomas W. Schaller's watercolor paintings for the April 2010 issue of American Artist, and it occurred to me that Thomas is the third licensed architect whose watercolors I have written about...
    Posted to Artist Daily by sdoherty on 18 Jan 2010
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  • Re: colored pencil

    OK, I am getting ready to attack my cat (portrait that is -- I don't have a cat). This is a study. I just couldn't make myself pick up the paintbrush and start in on my 300 lb. 1/4 sheet of Arches, so I'm am doing a fall-back study first. Of course it will probably come out really neat because...
    Posted to Drawing by Margo5 on 31 Dec 2009
  • Re: colored pencil

    I originally put this question under mixed media, but this may be a more appropriate spot to post it. I have already gotten some good information on painting fur from several different people and owe a special thanks to Robin; however, I think I have pinpointed my real question. Evidently, colored pencils...
    Posted to Drawing by Margo5 on 30 Dec 2009
  • Re: Drawing - part of the ride or the destination for you?

    Robin, I tried to answer this and the internet ate it up. I agree that colored pencil and pastels both can result in amazingly gorgeous paintings and some drawings capture values and nuances so completely that they look more like paintings. Watercolor is so thrilling if you like color and like to experiment...
    Posted to Drawing by Margo5 on 6 Nov 2009
  • Jaguar on Ash Wood Panel

    This is also on 11x14, but thi time I used an ash wood panel, because oak was not available at the time. I much prefer working on wood. Ron
    Posted to Critique My Artwork by Ron West on 6 Sep 2009
  • Artists on the Front Line of Marketing

    I frequently commission articles on exceptional artists who sell their original artwork through outdoor shows. I do that for two particular reasons: One is that those artists are, of necessity, well organized and able to deliver requested photographs and documentation without delay; and the other is...
    Posted to Steve Doherty's Blog by sdoherty on 31 Aug 2009
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  • "The tower"

    Colored pencil--- 9x21-- If this loads sideways,please lay down on comfortable surface to help viewing !!
    Posted to Member Gallery by zyhawk58 on 21 Jan 2009
    Filed under: landscape, drawing, painting, Colored Pencil, fantasy, prismacolor, rocks, mountain
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