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  • Breakfast of Champions 4"x4" oil

    Pistachio muffin...not really the breakfast of champions, but they taste pretty yummy.
    Posted to Member Gallery by cholzschuh on 25 Oct 2012
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  • A Ray of Hope 6"x6" oil

    Posted to Member Gallery by cholzschuh on 4 Jun 2012
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  • "Puk" mask mixed media

    I did this for a fund raiser...it took me all day!
    Posted to Member Gallery by cholzschuh on 6 Oct 2011
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  • After Bourguereau acrylic portrait 12"x16" #361

    I have done this exercise one other time, in a different format and on a different surface. I am fascinated by the creaminess and blending of skin tones that Bourguereau was able to accomplish in his paintings. Neither come naturally to me. I really struggled with the limited colors I had, but it was...
    Posted to Member Gallery by cholzschuh on 4 Oct 2011
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  • à l'ombre oil 5"x7" #333

    This is the second time I have painted this image with a few changes. The big news is that I finally learned how to do a website so please visit my new, albeit simple, website at www.cholzschuhpaintings.com
    Posted to Member Gallery by cholzschuh on 16 Aug 2011
    Filed under: oil, figurative, christine-paintingstory.blogspot.com, Christine Holzschuh, La Leche League, cholzschuhpaintings.com
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