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  • Hey There, Artists!

    Hey all! My name is Megan Crandell & I work for a pre-ICO medical cannabis collective in Sherman Oaks, CA called The Higher Path. We love to be involved in our community, so we are looking for local LA artists to display & sell their work in our lobby. Our collective has over 5,000 patients,...
    Posted to Welcome! by TheHigherPathLA on 23 Jan 2015
  • First EVER Oil Painting

    I started doing some drawing and sketching 2 years ago, I never realized I had any artistic ability before but when I tried I loved it and my passion for art began. My grandma is an amazing artist, she mainly uses oils, so this year I spent two weeks with her and she taught me the basics of oil painting...
    Posted to Oil by elysian__ on 17 Sep 2014
  • About the history of canvas

    Hello, I would like to ask when was first machine made canvas manufactured?
    Posted to Art Technical Q & A by errik on 24 Aug 2014
  • some critique please about my new oil painting!

    Hi, would like to have some reviews about my latest abstract oil painting, size 70cmx100cm. the idea of the painting came from bright summer days, when nature is full of colors. I've been painting with oil for couple of months now and absolutely love it, still got so much to learn. Looking forward...
    Posted to Critique My Artwork by Ivita on 30 Jul 2014
  • 'Lady In Lace'

    Oil on 5x7 canvas,...this is a portrait of a Fictional Character that I created
    Posted to Member Gallery by Mary S Hines on 23 May 2014
    Filed under: portrait, oil, canvas, blue, lace, sepia, umber
  • Please critique my textured acrylic canvas artwork "elephant strength"

    Hi Everyone I have used watercolour before however this is my firest textured acrylic canvas. The painting is 65cm x 45cm and is entitled "elephant strength" The inspiration is we all need the strength of an elephant to overcome life's challengers/obstacles. Please let me know your feedback...
    Posted to Critique My Artwork by sm.obrien on 6 Apr 2014
  • Windy Poppies

    Posted to Member Gallery by Cate7 on 15 Oct 2013
    Filed under: acrylic, canvas, flowers, poppies
  • Artimond 2011, Uccelli Theatro Pavana 2,

    Part two of a set. Helmond, the Netherlands: A yearly Artist Weekend, held in centre of town, with street-cabarets and artists from all over the world.
    Posted to Member Gallery by elisabeth46 on 28 Jan 2013
    Filed under: canvas, plein air, acrylic painting, Elisabeth46, street artists
  • - P -

    Oil on canvas, 27/35 cm. About eight hours painting from life.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Miroslav Ivanov on 27 Nov 2012
    Filed under: color, portrait, oil, canvas, painting, realism, woman, female, fine art, model, etude, Miroslav Ivanov, from life, classical.
  • WIP - Grape - 04

    Transparent oil umber under-layer - 2
    Posted to Member Gallery by Miroslav Ivanov on 5 Sep 2011
    Filed under: color, oil, canvas, painting, fine art, Work in Progress, Miroslav Ivanov, Work in process
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