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  • First EVER Oil Painting

    I started doing some drawing and sketching 2 years ago, I never realized I had any artistic ability before but when I tried I loved it and my passion for art began. My grandma is an amazing artist, she mainly uses oils, so this year I spent two weeks with her and she taught me the basics of oil painting...
    Posted to Oil by elysian__ on 17 Sep 2014
  • To be Realistic or Impressionistic: Defining my style

    Finding my style in an everything goes style world! Below is a combination of my interpretation of real and impressionistic, and abstract. This is where every artist discovers themselves. To be real or not, basically. I suffer with this for every piece of artwork. I LOVE love love realism and the technique...
    Posted to Animals by jstaylorart on 1 Sep 2013
  • Carved oi paintings

    Need some advise, not formaly trained but love art and mostly wildlife art. I am doing woodcarvings and then afterwards the oil painting over it. To be honest my oil painting skills is not up to standard
    Posted to Animals by JapieKl on 13 Jun 2012
  • Apples and Stripes by K Henderson

    Apples and Stripes , 9 x 12, oil on board Apples and Stripes is a continuation of my series of black and white striped paintings. It shows a group of apples in a silver bowl against a striped background with the stripes reflected in the silver. If you are interested in purchasing this painting you may...
    Posted to Member Gallery by K. Henderson Fine Art on 25 Feb 2012
    Filed under: still life, art, realism, Oil painting, apples, artist, reflection, fine art, k. henderson, paintings realism, silver, food art, artwork, Black and white
  • "Apricots & Vase"

    This is the second painting using apricots this time I've added a glossy vase to it. It was interesting to paint that type of surface, it has its complexities and in the end it was a good learning experience. The size of this painting is 8 x 10 inches and done in oils, you can see the making of this...
    Posted to Still Life by jonallerpaintings on 20 May 2011
  • "Thirsty"

    "Thirsty" - by Matthew Read, - oil on 16x12 canvas panel. This is our family cat, Sugar. He's 19 yrs old, but still lively!
    Posted to Member Gallery by Matthew Read on 22 Jun 2010
    Filed under: alaska, animal portrait, color, art, animal, original, canvas, figurative, realism, Oil painting, animals, oil on canvas, cat, artist, paintings, Oil Paintings, Oil on Panel, contemporary art, original painting, paintings realism, art for sale, original art, original oil painting, colorful, cat portrait, cats, animal painting, original oil on canvas, 16X12, figurative painting, animal.oil, oil 16x12, animal art, realism paintings, oil painting figurative, realism paintings traditional realist observational, colors, impression, fine arts, original oil painting on canvas, realistic painting, color painting, oil paintings., original., Oil on board canvas, oil oil on canvas figure art, realism painting, canvas panel, oil on canvas panel, original oil, Oil oils realism representational observational profile still life, matthewreadfineart
  • Artist Katya Held. Spring Oak Farm. 2008

    Oil on linen, 18 x 24 in
    Posted to Member Gallery by KatyaHeld on 29 Sep 2009
    Filed under: landscape, Oil painting, plein air, landscapes, plein-aire, origninal oil on canvas, outdoor, 18x24, artist, Landscape oil Painting, Oil on linen, Landscape Painting, plein air outdoor oils, original painting, original art, outdoor oils, oil 18x24, impressionist landscape oil painting, Katya Held
  • Happy Hour - oil painting

    Happy Hour , oil on canvas, 20" x 24". This is one of my most challenging paintings yet. The draped black and white striped fabric reflects off the silver and brass goblets and cocktail shaker. The transparent glasses also pick up the reflections and the ambient colors. Wow this was a real...
    Posted to Still Life by K. Henderson Fine Art on 27 Jun 2009
  • "Dreams Revisited"

    I believe this would be called a quintic?. (5 seperate panels to create one work of art) It is done in Oil and measures 42" x 66"
    Posted to Member Gallery by Spider Ryan on 24 May 2009
    Filed under: art, painting, Oil painting, woman, head, animals, fantasy, woman's face, female, Native American, faces, artist, surrealism, horses, freedom, emotion
  • "Autumn Morning"

    This is a triptic done in oil paint. It measures 36" x 72"
    Posted to Member Gallery by Spider Ryan on 24 May 2009
    Filed under: landscape, art, Oil painting, lake, scenery, water, oil on canvas, geese, Native American, rocks, tribes, outdoor, Spiritual, pine trees, artist, tree, American Artist, Landscape oil Painting, Native American Landscape
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