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  • Cabin Study #1

    East Green Pond Way, New York Life Painting Isolation, peace, warmth (12in x 9in)
    Posted to Member Gallery by AlexisAnneGrant on 1 Sep 2014
    Filed under: winter, portrait, animal, dog, Pet, original, Woods, painting, gifts, cat, fall, wood, life, summer, cabin, hiking, fire, paining, time, live, solitude, shop, relax, memories, Land, relaxation, commissions, sleep, camp, moment, create, oil on canvas oilpainting landscape 40x60, timeline, one
  • Please critique my textured acrylic canvas artwork "elephant strength"

    Hi Everyone I have used watercolour before however this is my firest textured acrylic canvas. The painting is 65cm x 45cm and is entitled "elephant strength" The inspiration is we all need the strength of an elephant to overcome life's challengers/obstacles. Please let me know your feedback...
    Posted to Critique My Artwork by sm.obrien on 6 Apr 2014
  • Stipple drawing of zebras

    Critics and advice are welcome! Thanks.
    Posted to Critique My Artwork by zianstudio on 25 Oct 2013
  • Buckie

    12.5 x 15 3-8 Acrylic on white paper 5-28-2010. One of our two rescued Basset hounds.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Charlie Gunn on 4 Aug 2012
    Filed under: acrylic, portrait, animal, dog, animals, American Artist, Portraits, dogs, Charlie Gunn
  • Some drawings

    Here are some of my drawings ive done over the past couple of months. Please leave comments and opinions. Please dont say use a grid because thats all they said on the other art forum. I dont like grids. Hope they arent to big.
    Posted to Drawing by Theyoungster on 21 Apr 2012
  • New!Here is a Chinese painting tiger

    Chinese Painting tiger - casual, small freehand, traditional Chinese painting with a bold combination of hues &colors of western oil painting. T he screen background color, the virtual scene with the western style color effects, which makes the t iger vivid . We all say that science & technology...
    Posted to Critique My Artwork by aile6gallery on 14 Feb 2012
  • Critique My Art

    I would greatly appreciated if anyone could critique my art. I recently started drawing and sometimes I have no idea what I'm doing. Any critique is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    Posted to Drawing by Sazhel on 10 Nov 2011
  • "A Place of His Own"

    6" x 6" oil on canvas, copyright 2008 by John Pompeo
    Posted to Member Gallery by John Pompeo on 26 Jan 2010
    Filed under: animal, goat, John Pompeo
  • "3 Ducks Down"

    "3 Ducks Down", 7"x5", Graphite Pencil
    Posted to Member Gallery by Scottie Whigham on 7 Dec 2009
    Filed under: animal, realism, graphite pencil [Edit Tags], ducks, Scottie Whigham
  • "Bengali"

    This is a colored pencil painting of a bengal tiger that I did for my daughter.
    Posted to Member Gallery by zyhawk58 on 1 Mar 2009
    Filed under: wildlife, art, animal, painting, Colored Pencil, cat, 9 X 12, .cat
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