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  • Please Critique Painting

    I have just begun painting again and this is my first project. I am planning to do a final touch up to this painting. It has been done in acrylic paint on canvas board. Please critique to help me find my weaknesses and what I may need to work on. Thanks in advance to any comments given.
    Posted to Critique My Artwork by novapeace on 25 Mar 2015
  • Are Reeves Acrylics worth purchasing as a student?

    Hi All Could you advise on whether Reeves Acrylics are worth purchasing? We have a new shop opened locally called 'The Range' and they have Reeves Acrylic paints 60ml for £2.49 and a buy 2 get 3 offer. The paints are described as 'Reeves fine art acrylic has a high concentration to...
    Posted to Acrylic by mfenwy on 6 Dec 2014
  • Beginner looking for feedback

    Hi all! This is my first painting and I’m looking for some feedback from people who know better than me . I wanted to make something colorful to put in my living room. And it was great fun doing this one. But now I’m just wondering if it is nice to hang. Would you hang this in your house...
    Posted to Abstract by AlinaBeca on 23 Oct 2014
  • Stumped in the process.

    Here is a piece I've been working on for a few days. I'm at that dreaded point of being stumped. Just to give you an idea of what I'm working with, this is acrylic on canvas and is 48' x 24'. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks :)
    Posted to Critique My Artwork by Bah.rye.ehn on 10 Sep 2014
  • opinions on my 2 different mediums

    The top one is a 36x48 oil over textured underpainting on canvas-"Guidance- Out Of the Woods" The second one is 20x16 mixed media on watercolor paper-"Opposing Points Of View" Going with the notion of branding- unsure which way to go. Would love some opinions. kimjonesfineart.com
    Posted to Critique My Artwork by k.jones on 22 Aug 2014
  • Buckie

    12.5 x 15 3-8 Acrylic on white paper 5-28-2010. One of our two rescued Basset hounds.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Charlie Gunn on 4 Aug 2012
    Filed under: acrylic, portrait, animal, dog, animals, American Artist, Portraits, dogs, Charlie Gunn
  • Acrylic Painting

    The Power of Harmony by Rency Punnoose, acrylic painting, 16 x 20. Proponents of painting with acrylics would say that the medium offers advantages that distinguish it from both oil and watercolor. On one hand, acrylics are permanent and do not yellow with age as do oils but, being water-soluble, they...
    Posted to Topics by JSimonds on 16 Mar 2012
    Filed under: acrylic, acrylic painting techniques, how to paint with acrylics, painting with acrylics, acrylic painting
  • Acrylic on board

    Posted to Member Gallery by Harry Briggs on 18 Aug 2011
    Filed under: acrylic, abstract
  • Alexia P. a real tree branch attached

    Acrylic on canvas
    Posted to Member Gallery by alexiap on 14 Feb 2011
    Filed under: acrylic
  • Alexia P. Abstract

    acrylic on canvas
    Posted to Member Gallery by alexiap on 14 Feb 2011
    Filed under: acrylic, Alexia P.
  • Memories

    Posted to Member Gallery by Nat Friedman on 20 Dec 2009
    Filed under: landscape, acrylic, figurativetive
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