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  • new to painting and would love some advice/feedback please

    Hi All, started painting 5 weeks ago and really need honest feedback. I have not taken any classes and rely on family for feedback so any constructive criticism from this site would be great. I have been exploring different styles of painting and subject matter. My first two were speed painting and then...
    Posted to Acrylic by learning to paint on 29 Jul 2015
  • Paint Faceoff: Tube Takes On Jar

    For those who are painting with acrylics , this can be a big issue if only because you are constantly dealing with the consequences or benefits of your decision to work with jar color or paint from tubes. What I have gathered from my acrylic painting sources, this is predominately a matter of paint quantity...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 19 Jul 2015
    Filed under: How To Paint, acrylic painting
  • Painting Bridges, Alleys, and Avenues of My Favorite Cities

    I was born and raised in the suburbs, with rural farmland and city centers nearby so I have an unbiased appreciation for both. I'm attuned to the natural elements around me and I love to be outdoors, but I also get so energized by the sights and sounds of the cities I visit or live in. And sketching...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 12 Jul 2015
    Filed under: How To Paint, acrylic painting, perspective drawing, sketching, watercolor painting, Oil Painting, Drawing Basics
  • I Definitely Needed More Help

    Glacier Over Lake Louise by Gil Dellinger, acrylic painting, 36 x 48. Almost all the painting I did in college was with acrylics, and most of the students I worked in class with did the same. Painting with acrylics was our best option because the paints were affordable and because of the convenience...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 9 Jul 2015
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  • New one Looking for some critique

    Hi I am new to the forum and a little new to painting. I did quite well at school but that was a long time ago, and recently I joined a group class drawing and painting but this is the first acrylic painting I have ever done. The paper is watercolour - although I think it could be used for acrylics....
    Posted to Acrylic by Craig 2015 on 26 Jun 2015
  • Make Waves in Your Seascape Paintings

    You don't have to be a surfer to be drawn by the way waves roll and crash; the rhythm of the ocean and the sound of the water rushing and lapping is a powerful reminder that there are things bigger than us that we can't control. Seascape by Mark Waller, acrylic painting. Perhaps it's that...
    Posted to The Artist's Life by VanessaWieland on 10 Apr 2015
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  • Paint Water in Every Season

    Shaw's Cove by Ray Roberts, 2003, oil painting, 12 x 16. When I was in college, I read a lot of Romantic poetry, and what still sticks in my mind is all the water imagery those writers used. For them, water was a stand-in for life, transcendence, and the creative impulse. With such inherent possibilities...
    Posted to Artist Daily by Courtney Jordan on 29 Mar 2015
    Filed under: acrylic painting, painting water, watercolor painting, Oil Painting
  • Please comment and critique, Abstract

    Hello everyone, Please give me your constructive criticism and comment on my abstract painting. acrylic on canvas, 30”X40” Thank you
    Posted to Acrylic by California2015 on 7 Mar 2015
  • Hey There, Artists!

    Hey all! My name is Megan Crandell & I work for a pre-ICO medical cannabis collective in Sherman Oaks, CA called The Higher Path. We love to be involved in our community, so we are looking for local LA artists to display & sell their work in our lobby. Our collective has over 5,000 patients,...
    Posted to Welcome! by TheHigherPathLA on 23 Jan 2015
  • Re: Challenge CHATTER - 2014

    Jeri, don't give up on the acrylics. There are a couple of tricks to remember. Almost all brands of acrylics darken as they dry and they may darken a couple of values. Gerri, this was a plein air acrylic, painting of a garden in the historic "Strawvbery Banke" (that's how they spell...
    Posted to All Media Photo Challenge by halsart on 7 Oct 2014
  • ''Old woman darning''..(study)

    A study after Nicolae Grigorescu ( May 15, 1838 – July 21, 1907) one of my favorite romanian painters. it looks better in full size.. Comments and Critiques are always welcome You are all welcome to visit my gallery http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/cristina-mihailescu.html A beautiful evening...
    Posted to Member Gallery by Cristina Mihailescu on 17 Jun 2014
    Filed under: landscape, portrait, woman, trees, country, acrylic painting, Cristina Mihailescu, study after Nicolae Grigorescu
  • " The Cove " acrylic, 20x16

    Well, I just had to do another painting of Bermuda. Love that place! The beauty is everywhere. This is another small cove that you find all over the island. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it. C&C always welcome.
    Posted to Member Gallery by Linmar720 on 13 Jun 2014
    Filed under: nature, ocean, Bermuda, acrylic painting, 20x16, cove, linmar720
  • " What are you digging for? "

    Loved catching the sunlight on this painting. This is my grandchild Connor. One more to do then all three grandchildren will be done. It will be an anniversary present. Acrylic, 12x16
    Posted to Member Gallery by Linmar720 on 26 Mar 2014
    Filed under: beach, child, ocean, 12X16, acrylic painting
  • Winter does not want to leave yet...

    It snowed again in Colorado...
    Posted to Member Gallery by Cristina Mihailescu on 25 Mar 2013
    Filed under: winter, trees, snow, acrylic painting, shadows, sun, Cristina Mihailescu
  • Artimond 2011, Uccelli Theatro Pavana 2,

    Part two of a set. Helmond, the Netherlands: A yearly Artist Weekend, held in centre of town, with street-cabarets and artists from all over the world.
    Posted to Member Gallery by elisabeth46 on 28 Jan 2013
    Filed under: canvas, plein air, acrylic painting, Elisabeth46, street artists
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