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  • Please comment and critique, Abstract

    Hello everyone, Please give me your constructive criticism and comment on my abstract painting. acrylic on canvas, 30”X40” Thank you
    Posted to Acrylic by California2015 on 7 Mar 2015
  • Hey There, Artists!

    Hey all! My name is Megan Crandell & I work for a pre-ICO medical cannabis collective in Sherman Oaks, CA called The Higher Path. We love to be involved in our community, so we are looking for local LA artists to display & sell their work in our lobby. Our collective has over 5,000 patients,...
    Posted to Welcome! by TheHigherPathLA on 23 Jan 2015
  • A Shadow..

    Comments and critiques are always welcome A wonderful and creative week to everyone!
    Posted to Member Gallery by Cristina Mihailescu on 9 Jun 2014
    Filed under: winter, figurative, woman, abstract, man, snow, acrylic painting, Cristina Mihailescu
  • Re: Challenge #38 - December 2013

    Hello again my dear artist friends, Here I am with one more painting for this wonderful challenge...I've really enjoyed to paint this flower and the butterfly and hopefully this will fit well in the December challenge.It was also another nice experiment for me to ''play'' with acrylics...
    Posted to All Media Photo Challenge by Cristina Mihailescu on 30 Dec 2013
  • need to be in an artist circle

    Hi, i am an artist n i love experimenting with all kind of medias like pastel, oil, acrylics etc. And i need some senior artists to suggest me some interesting art work.
    Posted to Welcome! by EatSleepPaint on 24 Dec 2013
  • Blue ballad...

    I really enjoy to do these figures,gestures studies and I love how this one came out... photo reference.. and what I like the most.. to let my imagination do the rest... Comments and Critiques are always welcomed A wonderful Sunday to you all!
    Posted to Member Gallery by Cristina Mihailescu on 22 Dec 2013
    Filed under: portrait, figurative, impressionism, woman, abstract, study, violin, acrylic painting, Cristina Mihailescu, figures study
  • Autumn's song...

    Just a dreamy mood... Comments and Critiques are always welcomed A super lovely evening to you all!
    Posted to Member Gallery by Cristina Mihailescu on 9 Dec 2013
    Filed under: figurative, impressionism, autumn, woman, abstract, girl, sky, tree, acrylic painting, leaves, bench, umbrella, modern art, Cristina Mihailescu
  • A new beginning... (A road to freedom-revised)

    Not too much time for new paintings yet, but I've reworked an old one...the new colors have a great significance to me, I've just wanted to share with you my happiness of becoming yesterday an american citizen ... C+Critiques are always welcomed! A beautiful day to everyone!
    Posted to Member Gallery by Cristina Mihailescu on 17 Sep 2013
    Filed under: figurative, abstract, birds, tree, freedom, acrylic painting, bulb, Cristina Mihailescu
  • A forgotten place...

    .... blending acrylics,pastel and colored pencils..
    Posted to Member Gallery by Cristina Mihailescu on 7 May 2013
    Filed under: sunset, abstract, trees, pastel, water, sky, acrylic painting, sunrise, colored pencils, ciusca
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