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Women portraits: Painting by Kehinde Wiley.

In Honor of the Women’s March

All About the Women’s March, Portraits & Solidarity “Take what you want and leave the rest.” Wise words that hit home for me during times of confusion and unease, when soul-searching and questioning are pretty much all I seem to do. The Women’s March on Washington (and beyond!) on January 21, 2017 is, for many…

Light in the Forest by Steve Henderson

It is a still, quiet evening. Two young women meet in the midst of the forest, as the sun is setting, and the light from their candles reflects upon the color and shadows of their surroundings. In modern life, we need time to think, meditate, reflect, wonder, and hope. We also need silence. Light in…

Night, The Medici Tombs,

Night, The Medici Tombs, Charcoal Pencil Life Drawing, Sculpture, Original Artwork, Home Decor 19 in x 20 in etsy.com/shop/alexisannegrantart Created from life in the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Cast Hall.


"Ziva" 9"x 12" watercolor, 1-14 -2014.  WATERCOLOR!!!  Could not get her eye and hair right!  Date is not 2013 but is 2014.