Tag: Winegar

Cold Shadows, 18×24

This is a scene just a short walk from my home, I used to be able to see it out my front door (until all the other homes sprang-up.) I'm fairly certain this is a painting that only an artist can love…or at least THIS artist.  I've been around the art world long enough to…

Vibrant Orange Gourds, 8×14

For more art discussion, visit my website. I guess they're goards.  I know they're technically squash, but are they gourds also?…I don't know. Anyway. Fall has got to be my favorite season, I love the drama and the temperature.  I also like the suggestion of change that it seems to embody.  I think those are…

Towers of Gold, 24×30, Oil

I could really use some input on this one,  positive or otherwise.  If you have any input, please respond.  Your critique and responses  will help decide my actions regarding this piece.   Thanks in advance.