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watercolor art by thomas schaller--cityscape

A Sucker for Architecture

Watercolor Art of the City Arches, towers, doorways, bridges, and vaulted ceilings — I love all aspects of architecture and engineering. And, it was through these things that I first started to appreciate plein air painting. Before, when I was trying to understand what plein air was all about, I was sort of “meh” about the idea…

For watercolor artists: My Perspective by Catherine Hollis, watercolor painting.

Don’t Limit Your Potential, Watercolor Artists

10 Ways to Take Full Advantage of Paints & Supplies Right Now Watercolor artists often limit their potential by not taking full advantage of their paints and supplies. There is so much conflicting information and advice available to watercolor painting artists that it is often difficult for them to know the best way to achieve…

Many People, Many Pursuits by Carolyn Latanision, watercolor painting.

A Talk with Carolyn Latanision

The Ninth in an Artist Daily Exclusive Series: Masters of American Watercolor  How did you become interested in watercolor? I have worked all of my life with watercolor, preferring the freedom and unexpectedness of it to other media, even though I do also use oils, acrylic, and casein. Who were the watercolor artists who inspired…