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Making Roots, mixed media on canvas

This is my latest mixed media on canvas, It is a big 48 × 48 inches painting done with a wide variety of media : Watercolor, Acrylic, oil pastels, colored pencils, collage, India Ink, conte crayon. Pictures of the painting process here:

Walking in the Woods, mixed media and zentangles

I like the long and narrow canvas format as it works well with pictures of trees and forest and you don’t need a huge wall space to display them. Here is the latest I painted, with liquid acrylics and markers for the zentangle areas. From a picture I took in North vancouver ( BC, Canada)…

Morning Walk, acrylic and zentangles on canvas

New mixed media painting on canvas inspired by pictures I took in Princess park, North Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)I did paint this painting for the “Anonymous Art Show”, a fundraising event here in North Vancouver where all paintings have to be 8×8 inches, priced at 100 dollars and signed only at the back so people…

Embroidered Forest, mixed media an zentangles

I have been incorporating patterns and designs into my paintings for some time now and this is a direction I am continuing to explore. I wanted to paint a quite large forest triptych while integrating some patterns that would be visible from close but less obvious from a distance as too not overpower the general…

Specks of Light, mixed media on canvas

This is a large mixed media on canvas (48 x 48 inches), I wanted to mix watermedia and drawing and I also wanted very dark black with texture so I used India Ink for the painted part and graphite for the drawn part. See the process here  

Seeing the forest through the Trees

My latest watercolor and mixed media (gouache) on paper mounted on board, it is for a group exhibition coming up in February 2013. The painting had to be a forest, I had a line that had to be part of the painting and it had to be 30 x 30 inches. Step by step painting tutorial here

White Rock, mixed media on board

This is the second painting I made for the exhibition “exquisite landscape” that will take place at the Cityscape Art Gallery in North Vancouver. This one was to be a beach and shore painting and I had some lines that were to be part of the composition. Step by step pictures of the process here