Tag: Sunset

Headin' Out

My love of sailboats is showing again! This one shows a man heading out for an afternoon of pleasure on the water.  12×16 oil on canvas, $250. plus shipping

Golden Tranquility

This original oil painting is 12"x12" on canvas. At $195. plus shipping it is a steal! a must for the water lover, this painting brings joy and color to any decor. Thanks for considering my art for your collection!

Wild Horizon

12 X 24 acrylic of wild horses with sun low on the horizon. Wild horses roam the sagebrush dominated eastern foothills of the Washington Cascades in and around the Yakama Reservation. They offer many hours of entertainment which I have had the pleasure to observe and find inspiration. They are always very cautions and seem…

Sunset On Arrakis

Arrakis is the formal name of the desert planet, "Dune". The painting was inspired by Frank Herbert's novel, "Dune". It is an 11"x14" painting done in acrylics on a canvas panel. I was recently honored by having this painting chosen to be displayed as part of a juried members exhibition at the New Britain Museum…

Greenville Sunset

24 X 36 Pastel Painting.  My Biggest painting yet.  I snapped this photo even though my husband said you can take a picture directly facing the sun.  I did it anyway.  lol.  I am truly blessed to have such beautiful scenes around me.