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Oil Painting: Still Life with a bunch of Carrots. Painted alla prima on canvas panel 6″x6″x1/8″

Sadie Valeri still life

Meeting Your Artistic Match

Sadie Valeri’s Virtuosic & Detailed Paintings Not too many years ago, San Francisco based artist Sadie Valeri was an aspiring figure painter stuck in a still life studio. She had a good deal of time on her hands to hone her painting and drawing skills, but her workspace was less than 100 square feet.  The…

Self portrait with pipe by Gustave Courbet.

Can You Name the First Realist?

Gustave Courbet: The Rebel of the Romantic Movement Learning the details of an artist’s life–the drama, the struggles, the mundane–can make their history and contributions to art really come alive. Gustave Courbet’s life fits that bill. I loved discovering all the details of how he was heralded as a rebel of the Romantic movement and is…