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Geometry inside and out -- do you see the gleam inside? -- from Leonoff Art Glass

Steal These 4 Design Inspirations

How to Get Your Art Noticed? Be part of the conversation, painters. A couple of weeks ago I attended the Architectural Digest Design Show, and it was intriguing and satisfying to see so many things that painters hold dear are making a big impact in the design world. So if you are struggling with how…


Do You Want to Paint Like the Old Masters?

What was emulation? The classical formation of artists and architects in the Renaissance and Baroque took the apprentice on a trajectory from imitation to emulation to invention. If imitation was the foundation of an artist’s training–copying a master’s drawings, drawing from casts, eventually drawing from the live model–emulation marked the stage where the apprentices began…


My Artistic Guilty Pleasure

A Still Life from Alma-Tadema Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s paintings are, to me, a bit of a guilty pleasure. There is something frivolous and overblown about them that turn some people off, but I’ve always loved them for the sheer vitality of the vision he presents. Here is bombast, excess, flourishes, and sumptuousness. What I just recently…