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With Troubled Spirit by K Henderson

With Troubled Spirit, 24 x 30, oil on canvas This Plains Indian has his face painted white with black Stripes. He wears eagle feathers in his hair and a beaded bag around his neck Inquire See more of my Western Art and American Indian paintings on My Blog  http://khendersonart2.blogspot.com/

Sioux Moccasins by K Henderson

Sioux Moccasins, 9 x 12, oil on canvas I love painting moccasins. These beauties are decorated with beads, quills, metal cones and horse hair Inquire See more of my Western Art and American Indian paintings on My Blog http://khendersonart2.blogspot.com/

We Pray for Rain by K Henderson

We Pray for Rain, 36 x 36, oil on canvas This Plains Indian carries a shield painted with Thunderbirds. These supernatural creatures are said to control rainfall. Eagle feathers are worn in the hair of this American Indian. His face is painted white and red, he wears a Trade Blanket and a beaded shirt. Available…

Day Will Be Dawning by K. Henderson

Day Will be Dawning , 24 x 18, oil on canvas This is a most recent painting in my Silver Screen  Cowgirls series. This lovely cowgirl wears a hat and fringed shirt embellished with stars. Available See more of my Western Art on my BLOG   http://khendersonart2.blogspot.com/

Elk Prayer

Elk Prayer oil painting by patrick trotter,one more in the drip painting collection 22 in all   …   http://patrick-trotter.fineartamerica.com

Until Me Meet Again by K Henderson

Until We Meet Again, 18 x 24, oil on canvas It's time for more Silver Screen Cowgirl paintings! This pretty cowgirl is decked out in a hat, scarf and decorated Cowgirl shirt. She holds leather gauntlets and rests against a rail fence. See more of my Western paintings on my Blog http://khendersonart2.blogspot.com/2014/04/until-me-meet-again-by-k-henderson.html Available

Golden Eagle by K Henderson

Golden Eagle is 40" x 30", oil on linen This painting is a continuation of my 'Top Hat" series. In the 1880's The Powers That Be in the United States Government would invite American Indian leaders to Washington. There they were given gifts such as clothing, flags, hats etc. The recipient would then use these…

Dream Caster by K Henderson

Dream Caster, 30 x 30, oil on canvas This Plains Indian is adorned with lots of feathers. His face is painted with red pigment. Available See more of my American Indian  paintings on my Blog http://khendersonart2.blogspot.com  

Sacred Spirit by K Henderson

Sacred Spirit, 30 x 30 , oil on canvas This  Plains Indian wears a headdress of feathers, trade cloth and beads. His face is painted blue which is a sacred color in some tribes. The hand on his face represents a battle honor. It is a Coup mark which indicates that he has gotten close…

Commissioned Painting by K Henderson

Commissioned Painting, 30 x 30, oil on linen I used this model several years ago for a painting. A collector saw the painting but missed out on purchasing it. The beautiful model made enough of an impact that the image stayed in his mind. I was recently commissioned to create this painting using the same…

Dreams by Night by K Henderson

Dreams by Night, 36 x 36, oil on linen This Plains Indian wears eagle feathers, has his face painted and wears a Trade Blanket or Wearing Robe from the early 1900's. Trade blankets were among the earliest items of exchange between American Indians and Europeans fur traders in the 1700's. http://khendersonart2.blogspot.com