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Bourlay Cracker House

Bourlay Cracker House by Sharon Repple  8" x 10" acrylic  Bourlay Historic Nature Park in Leesburg, FL   I changed a few things and of course added the sleeping dog under the porch. Every country home needs a dog sleeping in the cool dirt under the porch. http://sharonrepple.com/

Silver River Kayak

I'm so excited to show you my newest painting, "Silver River Kayak" which measures 24" by 36" and is one of the largest painting that I have painted. This painting shows the kayak launch at Silver River State Park in Silver Springs, Florida, one mile south of SR 40 on CR 35 east of Ocala,…

Squirrel Love

Happy Valentines Day! This little painting reminded me of love. "Squirrel Love" by Sharon Repple 9" x 12" http://sharonrepple.com/

Golden Marsh

While I was staying inside and nursing a cold, I thought I would paint scenes I love. "Golden Marsh" by Sharon Repple 12" x 24" I think I made good use of my time. Can't wait for you to see the other painting I'm working on. http://sharonrepple.com/

New Day

"New Day" is my newest painting. It is 7" x 14"    Small but brings back so many memories of visits to my sister in Georgia south of where we grew up in Macon. Hope it brings back memories for you too. http://sharonrepple.com/

Clouds Over the Marsh

Today at our clubhouse, Ralph Kahn showed our group, Legacy Paints, how to paint with painting knives. We had a great time slapping the paint on our canvases. This is my finished painting "Clouds Over the Marsh" 16 x 20.  Easy to be loose with painting knives.   http://sharonrepple.com/

Day at the Fair

Day at the Fair by Sharon Repple 11 x 14 This painting is a little different from my usual subjects. I painted this as part of Richard Robinson's workshop (39) on The Complete Artist  .   Richard painted a beautiful street scene and I used the lessons he taught to create this scene from the Lake County Fair.…

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes by Sharon Repple 8" x 10" acrylic   Just tweaked this one and it SOLD today to a collector !!!!!!   http://sharonrepple.com/

Flamingo Cove

Well, I'm back to painting birds "Flamingo Cove" by Sharon Repple 20" x 16" silver frame You can see the painting this weekend Dec 5-7 at Martin Cushman's 3rd annual Holiday Home and Studio Tour and Art Show http://sharonrepple.com/