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Women portraits: Painting by Kehinde Wiley.

In Honor of the Women’s March

All About the Women’s March, Portraits & Solidarity “Take what you want and leave the rest.” Wise words that hit home for me during times of confusion and unease, when soul-searching and questioning are pretty much all I seem to do. The Women’s March on Washington (and beyond!) on January 21, 2017 is, for many…


Piece from my advanced Higher self portraiture folio circa 2009, 'Isolation' theme. Chalk, charcoal, pastels.

Self Portrait in Mixed Media

Self portrait which was part of my Advanced Higher expressive unit in 2009. The theme was 'Isolation'. I first painted with a very light acrylic wash, then worked over the top with chalk and charcoal. 

Snow White: A Self Portrait

A self portrait in acrylics inspired by the story of Snow White. The painting depicts the moment Snow White bites the poisoned apple and falls into a state of suspended animation. I love the idea of placing myself in stories, fairy tales or films and see it as a form of escapism from the real…

Ego sum daemonium

this was done with a 0.7 pen on white paper this drawing is how i feel about myself it has over  7  languages in it and if you can read them all with out googleing your a genius… this took over 10 hours of my life to make that i'll never have back enjoy

Self portrait from photo

Just taking a photo of the painting doesn't seem to do justice. You see a lot of flaws of a painting when you put it back in photo mode. Still learning to do portraits. I would appreciate constructive criticism. The portrait is life size on a canvas board 20 x16 inches. Thanks


This is my family portrait. Each shoe is a real portrait of its owner. Graphite and color pencil on paper.

Self-Portrait, oil on linen (18×24)

Over the years I have used myself as an introspective "study" for portrait work.  This painting is the very first work that I did in my new studio with its "north light" facing window.   Rembrandt did some fascinating self-portraits that document his progression from a young man to old age. 

Egon Schiele Appreciation

My first attempt with acrylic painting, I decided to make a self portrait with Egon Schiele style (reference: portrait of karl zakovsek) 9" x 7" linenboard