Tag: Rural

Dove Lane, Blackberry, MN

Dove Lane at Blackberry, MN on 16 X 20 Stretched Canvas – I painted this from a memory of my youth. The west end of Dove Lane actually led to a peninsula of land almost surrounded by the Mississippi river. In this case the frozen Mississippi is on the right.  A view from MapQuest indicates…

Hay Harvest Revisited

I painted this large format canvas (45" wide)  En Plein Air some years ago in traveling across the South. We I got back to my studio, it seemed dull and lifeless, so I put it away. Recently, I 'revisited' the painting in my studio and tried to add a little more 'pop'. What do you…

Autumn's Fire

10"x8" graham oils on sourcetek linen panel….The trees look like torches in certain light in autumn….the very air glows. www.susangutting.com